Apr 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler (6) reacts during the first half against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks Rumors: Knicks expected to trade Tyson Chandler

It goes without saying that the New York Knicks need to get younger and more athletic for new head coach Derek Fisher.

Knicks team president Phil Jackson has made it clear he wants to do that and wants to acquire picks in July’s 2014 NBA Draft, where the Knicks currently have no picks.

With that being said, offering up All-Star center Tyson Chandler in a deal may be the easiest way for the Zen Master to accomplish that and that looks  to be exactly what he is prepared to do.

The Knicks are over the cap so won’t improve the team much via free agency this summer, but will look to make some trades in addition to trying to re-sign Carmelo Anthony.

The bad part for Jackson and his staff is that the Knicks currently don’t have many valuable trade chips to work with, although Chandler certainly is one of them as he is entering the final year of his contract and a rim protector like Chandler would mean more to a contender than he would to a team like the Knicks.

That being said, Jabari Davis of Basketball Insiders believes the Knicks will be moving Chandler this offseason.

No, you cannot throw money at Deng/Hayward. They don’t have the cap space. I do think they are a bit more flexible than some are thinking, because I think they end up moving Chandler this summer. Teams looking for a rim-protector with an expiring contract. While I wouldn’t have touched Amar’e with a ten-foot pole a couple years ago, he’s also an expiring contract as well. If they were willing to take a longer contract back in return, I could see teams willing to take one of those contracts of their hands. When healthy, each can still contribute and would serve as instant cap relief following the year.

Chandler is coming off a down year in which he was limited to 55 games last season and averaged only 8.7 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.1 blocks and 1.1 assists per game.

However he could still play a major part on a contending team and could be the Knicks top trade chip at the moment.

However while it makes all the sense in the world for Jackson to move Chandler, he won’t be giving him away so it will be real interesting to see what the trade market is for the former All-Star and NBA Champion this summer.

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  • John Herling

    If they trade Chandler, they don’t have a starting-quality center, so how could they even think of trading him? That would make no sense in the world at all.

    • Tony Llano

      Did you watch Cole Aldrich play? The problem is woody didn’t play him enough.

    • ssw265

      From the little I have seen of Cole Aldrich he a better offense player than Chandler he can rebound and play some defense he block shots he’s 24 years old younger the Chandler and he will come cheat and he’s not injury prone.

  • MD_in_MD

    He’s become more of a statue in the paint year-over-year and he’s an injury risk now too…….dump him off on someone else for whatever you can get. Man, he got absolutely OWNED by Roy Hibbert in the playoffs last year (yes, I know he was supposedly not 100% healthy).

  • mijoh

    This is NOT a rumor. Why are they even calling it that? It’s just some reporter’s speculation to generate clicks. Why would the NYK do this or anything else that will eat into the 2015 cap space which above all else is what is Jax is shooting for to make the team a contender? These 2 players make up a huge chunk of 2015 cap space. Without that cap space, what do you have to sell MELO on as far as building a team going forward? The idea is to have him, 1-2 other max players, and a quality group of supporting players. Without that cap space, it can’t be done.

  • Tony Llano

    Get rid of him. He’s not the player he was and now he has a bad attitude and is injury prone. He’s such a great defender yet the Knicks were one of the worst defensive teams in the league. And their interior defense was horrible. Mark Cuban looks like a genius for using him to get a title and letting him go before he broke down. They still have Cole Aldrich, a guy that plays hard (both offense and defense) and actually acts like he wants to be in NY.

  • Ralph Simico

    Tyson is the man and i am proud we have him on the NYK. He is a work hoarse and doesn’t cause drama on or off the court. Today centers grab rebounds, they are no longer offensive threats. Roy Hibbert? Was a failure in the playoffs. Dwight Howard? Was sitting at home 2 weeks after Chandler was sitting at home.

    • Drafted Clyde & Dollar Bill

      Tyson the mad man,every time he gets whistled he along with Gameless Felton are always complaining to the ref’s. I think Melo averaged more rebounds than he did last season and he gives you nothing offensively and he doesn’t block shots. They should get rid of him for whatever picks they can get and maybe a very low cost serviceable role player. Cole Aldrich was much more productive than he was last season but Woodson would not play him. He left him rotting on the bench while the season went up in flames just like he did with Torrey Murray.

    • Donnie Walsh

      There are Schools for The Blind – You might wanna find one !!

  • Africa Belgrave

    That’s great and all but whose giving more than a bag of balls for ANY player that the Knicks have?

  • Donnie Walsh

    Plz move Tyson – Overpaid – Soft & Overrated Non-Physical Bum Perpetrating a Big Man !!

  • Boberto

    Tysoft is terrible. Roy Hibbert violated his life. Trade him fast