Mar 31, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (7) dribbles the ball during the first quarter against the Utah Jazz at EnergySolutions Arena. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks Rumors: Houston Rockets willing to trade anything for Melo

Pretty much ever since he made his intentions to test free agency clear, the Houston Rockets have been linked to New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony.

Apr 4, 2014; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) controls the ball against the Washington Wizards during the fourth quarter of a game at Madison Square Garden. The Wizards defeated the Knicks 90-89. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With their desire to form their own ‘Big Three,” it looks like the Rockets will be all-in this summer as they look to aggressively try to acquire ‘Melo via a sign-and-trade.

With many believing the Rockets are only a player away, they look to be taking the approach that they will part with any players on their roster not named James Harden and Dwight Howard in order to land Anthony.

According to Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders, the Rockets willing to trade “almost anything” for ‘Melo.

“Houston would trade almost anything not named Dwight Howard and James Harden to get at Anthony and they would go all in on a contract too. There has been talk that Houston has offered up Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin in a “give away” trade that could include their draft pick in the first round or a roster player like Terrence Jones to get those salaries off the books.”

If Anthony were to leave New York, and who knows what his true intentions truly are, a deal with a team like the Rockets could be the Knicks best option.

If they were to target contracts such as Lin and Asik that would come off the books in 2015, the Knicks would be in unbelievable cap shape that summer. Throw in the possibility that New York could potentially bring in a talented player such as Jones or Chandler Parsons and potentially a much needed draft pick or two and it is something that Phil Jackson must think about.

Ultimately though even though the Rockets may be one player away, this seems like a risky move, even though it is all speculation at this point.

The Knicks still are in the driver’s seat to retain Anthony, but he has stated his main goal is winning and there are several teams that can offer him a much better opportunity to do so.

The only thing that is certain at this point is that it will be a very interesting summer.

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  • tdh

    If I am the NYK front office, trading Melo requires something in return with nothing against the luxury tax coming back ideally. If HOU is sending the garbage contracts of Lin and Asik which even they don’t want at the price they agreed to these contracts 2 years back, then you need to ask for more because NYK will be paying repeat luxury taxes this next season for a team very unlikely to have any playoff run for all that money. So, a first round pick and Parsons or Jones is not enough to both lose Melo and pay the luxury for HOU bad contracts. The good thing is they expire in only 1 year, but the impact is NYK pay the price of those contracts. Parsons is also a risk of being restricted FA in 2014-15 depending on how this all works out, so he could cost a lot more in the summer of 2015 to NYK if acquired than he costs now. It would take the pick AND BOTH Parsons and Jones at least to give Melo and take that payroll. Jones and Parsons will both require payroll this season + those contracts, but they can be retained longer due to their rookie contracts to be part of the 2015 off-season plan if NYK would like to keep them and pay the price for any restricted salary matching that occurs on Parsons. Asik and Lin are not likley part of any long-term plan in NY, they would only be in the deal for salary balance of the S&T and would cost NYK luxury penalties in 2014-15 season and they will cost some money in addition to the loss of Melo. There will be other trades on the table that don’t have the returning salaries of Asik and Lin putting them deep into the luxury. HOU would need ot basically gut their 3 best assets to get Melo. HOU is 2nd in the league already with offensive numbers, so I am not sure what Melo brings to HOU that they don’t have. HOU needs defense, not offense. HOU is near the bottom in defensive categories. Acquiring Melo would make HOU more of a 1 dimensional team than they are now. At 107 ppg average, not sure how many more Melo can add to that average. Probably not enough to take on LAC, GS, SA, DAL, and other teams in the west. Not sure this is best for both HOU and NYK that is out there. HOU may be better to wait until next off-season to make their move when Asik and Lin are off the books. NYK might get better offers than taking on the salary of these two guys that are at best 6th men in the NBA, but paid like starters next season.

    • mma_ko

      Well .. even with Melo, NYK was not a playoff team …so at least it will be different and create some buzz with Lin back in NY./ Who knows? … they made quite a run playing team ball with Lin at PG …and it fizzled only when Melo came back and disrupted the chemistry and flow. Don’t believe the media .. I’ve been following Lin (yes, I am a fan – so what?) and he’s been totally misused by that dumb wannabe coach Mchale. He’s been made into a shooting guard, and no one knows how to set picks on the Rockets.

      • tdh

        I fully agree with you that Lin is a solid player. Omer Asik is too. The problem is only their contracts cost in the final year of the deal they signed with HOU, not their play quality. Both Asik and Lin signed contracts for $25M / 3 Years. If this was $8M per year, it would have been fine. The problem is that HOU back-loaded the contracts (both of them) to be most of the money in the 3rd year. They have only paid Asik and Lin $5M per year the last 2 years which is a bargain for what they got from them. Now it is time to pay and they have been desperately trying to dump these contracts since the trade deadline last season. The final year of both contracts is now $14.8M for each = almost $30M for both olayers next season. Those players are both solid, but not worth $30M for one season. NYK would basically be paying half of the amount owed to Asik and Lin, but only getting 1/3rd of the contract time. If HOU gets NYK to take these contracts, then they win out big-time financially. So just taking them from HOU requires compensation, before you even talk about compensation for Melo. That is why I say they must get Parsons, Jones, and the HOU first round pick at least…if not more future picks to make that trade. Otherwise, they would be better off taking picks only and nothing back in return. They can always bring back Lin at a reasonable salary next off-season. He is worth $5M-8M per year. He also helps a ton with branding the NYK in China and Taiwan which is a huge market. He will pay for himself in merchandising, and is a solid player with fans in NY. Under the new CBA, few players are actually worth $15M per season anymore. That is not a slam on Lin nor Asik.

        • Scott Davis

          It’s true that Houston back-loaded their contracts and it’s less-than-ideal to pay so much money for players you might only have for one year. However, the Knicks are over-the-cap with or without Carmelo Anthony, so acquiring Lin and/or Asik and their expensive contracts doesn’t affect the cap space really.

          Unless the Knicks were going to find a way to dump two of Chandler, Bargnani, or Stoudemire, taking on Asik/Lin really only keeps the Knicks above the cap. And if ‘Melo leaves anyway, it’s even more unlikely that New York will make the playoffs.

          Basically, my point is: the Knicks are over the cap, that won’t change if they take on Asik and Lin (unless they do some major financial wheeling to get rid of STAT, Tyson, or Bargs), so who really cares if they pay the repeater tax? It’s James Dolan’s money, and he has plenty of it. If the Knicks can get serviceable players back for Anthony — plus maybe a pick or Terrence Jones — I don’t think the expensive contracts matter if they don’t interfere with 2015 cap space.

          • tdh

            The repeater tax is punitive under the new CBA, which was not the situation under previous CBAs. Every consecutive year the team is over the luxury, the % increases until it hurts the team’s growth. I don’t care about Dolan’s money, but at some point, that can impact the ability of Phil Jackson’s options and how competitive the team can be on the court and it will hurt even a big market team. If NYK will go below the luxury in 2015 anyway, then it is a non-issue. However, if they want to pull-off a deal by S&T and have not “reset” the penalty yet, then this is going to be a big problem to stay over for the Melo/Dolan years into a new rebuild under Phil. Even LAL and BOS are more cautious now and they never cared before either because they have big markets for basketball. No team cares if they are winning because merchandise and post-seasons bring money, but NYK missed this season and probably next season. Now is the time to hit the reset button while they can on the repeater tax. Chris Bosh said he will take a pay cut to stay in MIA, and it is for the same reason (repeater tax) that MIA must make changes or players will make less each year they stay together as a group (Wade/Bosh/LeBron) after next year. They can’t pay him the same amount and stay over the cap that far for that long without it costing more each year to keep that team. Even MIA cares about this and they are winning titles and selling plenty of merchandise right now. That was my point. I won’t shed any tears for Dolan, but it will hurt even his pockets at some point. No reason to do that with a team that misses the playoffs, if it can be avoided.

      • ron knox

        Bring back Jeremy and reunite him with Carmelo!
        I loved those old days of Melo-Yellow !

    • Skinny Jay

      Or he can walk for nothing. NYK better not be too gready

      • Jenffrj

        Then, he would not get the max money that he wants. He’d have to do a sign and trade. Btw, how does Morey like those poison pill contracts now? He screwed Chicago and the Knicks and now wants to dump those bloated salaries back on the Knicks. What exactly is he willing to “give away,” huh?

  • Alex Hernandez

    We’ve already experienced Dwight teaming up with a Melo-like player and remember what happen there? Harden and Lin for Melo sounds okay if NY is to get anything in return. It’s insulting to say Houston will get rid of just about anything for Melo and then mention nothing.

  • joseph swan

    Beverly, Parsons, 2 draft picks, for melo. Or Parsons, Beverly, Jones, and a 1 St draft pick

    • tdh

      HOU and NYK are both over the cap. So, the trade value must balance in value of contracts being exchanged. Assuming Melo signs an extension for $17-20M, your suggestions don’t add up anywhere close to the value Melo’s contract will send to HOU. Beverly and Parsons are scheduled to make <1M each next season. Parsons is now a RFA. So, if they match the offer, then they can't trade him this off-season. If nobody bids, then he could be traded for the money he was scheduled to make which is only $1M. Future picks (or unsigned picks in this draft) carry no value in trades and HOU only gets Melo by trade. Even if HOU signs their first round pick before the trade it is possibly $1M in value. Jones makes $1.6M. NYK would still need to take either Asik or Lin. That is still the problem. HOU has been trying to dump Asik since they signed Howard with nobody wanting his contract. He is OK as a player, but that contract is a budget killer. NYK would be paying him + repeater luxury tax penalties to the league for taking him. He shares position with Bargnani, Amare, and Tyson Chandler, so they really don't need him. Or, they can take Lin. They liked Lin, but lost him in restricted free agency because HOU offered him a bloated contract. HOU got Lin for $5M for the last two seasons, now wants to send $15M for the final season back to NY the team they pry'd him from? They did not justify paying Lin $25M / 3-years to match this offer, but now they take the worst year of that contract back to help HOU (the team that made them lose Lin in the first place)?

      HOU is in much better position to trade for Love than Melo. MIN is at least below the cap, so they will not pay repeat luxury tax penalties to the league like NYK will. MIN is likely also to take longer to find the right deal and Asik might be a fit for just next season assuming they give up young assets and picks that MIN wants. Asik can play PF position as a short-term season replacement if losing Love. Still it is going to be tough, but more plausible than NYK.

  • Louis Kevin Olvera

    STFU!! Houston will never give up Parsons… he’s the glue guy, he keeps everyone together. Without Parsons it won’t work, he’s like a Ray Allen in Miami so both of you are stupid. And besides NYK can’t say no if Melo says specifically he wants to go to HOU. So tdh your argument is invalid.

    • Joshua Duenas

      Houston would give up parsons in a second if it means getting carmelo anthony. Even if carmelo says he wants to go to Houston it may not be possible. If I were Phil Jackson I would not receive Lin, asik, and parsons for Melo. I’d rather have Melo walk and not have to pay those insane contracts of asik and Lin. Only way Melo can go to Houston is if Lin and asik are both off Houston, they need to find a buyer.

    • tdh

      NYK can say no 100%. Melo can’t sign in HOU without NYK faciliating a S&T, so if that is what Melo wants and HOU wants then they can make them negotiate a little or walk away and neither of them get what they want. My argument is not invalid at all. How exactly can Melo sign in HOU when they have no cap space? Answer is — he can’t. NYK had Lin as a restricted free agent, but HOU bid very high on him, which NYK were not willing to match. Now, they got the first 2 cheap years out of the way and want to send the bloated 3rd year which is outrageous money for Lin back to NYK? Why would they do that now to help HOU when they were not willing to pay Lin that in the first place to keep Lin? It does not stop there, because HOU did the same thing with Asik by bidding what CHI would not pay him and structured this contract also most of the money in the final year. NYK would need to take that horrible contract too? Two garbage contracts for their star? What is NYK getting out of this? There is nothing there to rebuild with coming back to NYK. On top of that HOU has made Parsons a RFA which means he is UFA next season and can walk. They can match any offer this season still, but if he is included in any trade he can walk at the end of next season, so unless he signs and trades in this deal his contract is no help either. HOU can pull this deal off, but they are going to need to give NYK a few of their future first round picks in addition to seeing if Parsons would sign an extension with NYK. HOU does not appear likely to keep him as you have mentioned based on letting him go restricted free agent this season.

  • mikel_artist

    houston…melo-howard-harden…. good team up.. out of the playoffs next season… bwahahaha…

    Knicks…. Lin-asik-parson-jones…. it will create more business opportunity…

  • jerry the great

    That’s good move for the Rockets to build a triangle losers and triangle ballhoggers.

  • disqus_oeiYEeMP1P

    Why would the knicks want either of those chumps we didn’t resign Lin for a reason. Terrible article

    • Raymond Ayala

      Cause those chumps are better than the garbage u have now

  • King & Queen of N.Y.

    Trade melo…. U MUST BE SMOKING CRACK……. Tell me whos GONNA REPLACE HIM WHO???? Iam waiting