Feb 1, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (2) brings the ball up the court during the third quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Cavaliers 106-92. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks need to pursue Kyrie Irving trade

Although far-fetched, in today’s market place, you have to be smart and creative.  Since New York Knicks’ general manager Steve Mills has yet to make a move, I thought I would plant a new seed in his head.

If you like the concept I am about to propose, send this article out to all your friends. Facts are facts, we need a point guard.

Feb 1, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (2) drives the ball during the fourth quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Cavaliers 106-92. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Against the Miami Heat, Raymond Felton was again terrible. He shot 3-for-9, had seven points and four assists. When the game got close, it was not LeBron James who single handedly destroyed the Knicks, Norris Cole, Miami’s second team point guard, drove time and time again past Felton at will. He shot 4-for-5 and was a plus-17 for Miami. That, while our Felton was a minus-12.


Mills and James Dolan blew it by not picking up Kyle Lowry from Toronto, who has played like an All-Star since the trade of Rudy Gay.  If you haven’t noticed, Toronto, is in first place. Now what stopped this trade was a first-round pick in 2018, 2018, that is a hundred years away for a Knicks’ fan.

And, the facts are draft picks don’t always work out take a good look at Cleveland, who had the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA last year, Anthony Bennett. I would take talent over potential any day.


Which brings me back to Cleveland, a team on the brink, a team ripe for the picking, a team in need of maturity.

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland, as did Andrew Bynum, it is just not the place to be in the NBA. Irving is a Jersey guy, who would love to wear the Knicks orange and blue and his presence who assure Carmelo Anthony would stay in New York.


According to Hoops Hype and the Akron Beacon Journal, “Two sources close to the team confirmed that barring a significant turnaround before the trade deadline, this roster will likely face some upheaval.  That may very well include (Dion) Waiters whose act has worn thin on his teammates and various members of the organization.”


The Journal went on to report “Irving’s behavior has also irritated teammates and other member of the organization. Two general managers told the Beacon Journal this year that Irving is pouting, something he denied to the Beacon Journal after practice Friday.”


Hoops Hype reported, “The rumbles within the Cavaliers locker room have been growing louder for weeks. Players who initially didn’t want to talk about what is plaguing this team are beginning to open up, and most of the issues are pointing back to guards Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, along with an unhappiness with Mike Brown and his staff. He’s acting like he doesn’t care”


“Most of the complaints are focused on Irving and Waiters. One league source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed Waiters was removed from practice recently, per the Daily News report. But Waiters’ minutes weren’t affected by the move, which left at least a handful of players raising their eyebrows — particularly within an organization that has preached accountability since Brown’s arrival.”



So Cleveland needs a building block to build the team around, I would offer the following trade. I would trade Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert. In return I would ask for Irving and Anderson Varejao or some combination that would include Waiters as well.


Yes giving up Chandler is a lot. But you are getting an All-Star point guard in return. Cleveland needs to develop a sense of chemistry and provide veterans for their younger players to grow. Who better than Chandler to anchor their defense and Felton to play the point?

In regards to Varejao, the 31-year-old’s contract runs through 2014-15, like Chandler’s, but at a discounted rate of $9.7 million, compared to Chandler’s $14 million. Statistics show that Varejao is every bit the rebounder Chandler is, posting an 18.5 total rebound percentage over the last five years, compared to Chandler’s 18.3. Varejao’s ability to create his own looks and his range on a jumper that extends to just inside the three-point line.

He’s shooting an outstanding 54 percent on shots in between 16 feet out and three-point range this season.

No deal is perfect. The immediate drawback with Varejao is the fact that he’s played in just 125 games since 2010-11. Over the last two seasons, though, the center’s health issues have become slightly less discouraging. He missed most of last season, but due to a blood clot scare rather than an avoidable injury. This season he’s played in 44 of the team’s 46 games which is better than Chandler.


With the play of Jeremy Tyler and Cole Aldrich and the soon to be return of Amar’e Stoudemire, the loss of Chandler and Shumpert is worth that of Irving.


Cleveland needs maturity, Felton and Chandler provide that.  We need a solid backcourt. Now although I love Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. is the real deal and needs to play. He is a legitimate scoring option and is one of the top three rookies in the NBA this year. His continued outstanding play, makes Shumpert expendable.


Now if need be, I would throw in Andrea Bargnani, if Cleveland will take him.

It nice to dream, but Irving would be the point guard New York will love for years to come.


Dr. Eric Kaplan is a best-selling Author www.5minutemotivator.com

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  • Josh Gabriel

    As great and absolutely amazing this trade would be, I highly doubt the Cavs would just give up on Kyrie like that, unless he pulls a Melo and forces his way here. Man how great would that be, 2 local superstars in Melo (Brooklyn) and Kyrie (New Jersey) playing for the hometown Knicks.

  • Gary

    Kyrie never stated that he wanted out of Cleveland. Why start rumors that aren’t true.
    And the Cavs are not going to give up on him. Of course without rumors, you guys would have nothing to write about.

    • penthouseballer

      woahhhh there buddy kyrie stated that he wanted to fire his agent because kyrie wants to go to NY this offseason and his agent wants him to stay in Cleveland.

  • Tony Curry

    I’ve been saying this for months

  • Elvis Maduro

    Big article for nothing. Its never gonna happen. Let it go.

    Why? Because the Knicks lead the league in stupid.

    If we were smart, which we’re not, we’d go after Reggie Jackson. That seems way more plausible but even then…it won’t happen.

    The Knicks lead the league in stupid. Get over it fast.

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  • michael

    As a knicks fan there is no way cavs make that trade. BUT I HAVE A SOLUTION SHUMPERT AND UDRICH FOR JAMEER NELSON. Its a perfect trade for both teams as shumpert would probally flourish in Orlando and nelson would flourish in NY. He adds a third scorer you can keep your big man and Hardaway can get his burn he earned. Shump needs to go. He is the only thing holding knicks back he has talent he just needs to be able to run and gun that’s his style Nelson style is knicks. QUICK FIX AND ITS A YANKEE MOVE you don’t need all big names get a solid guard and make your moves next year for big free agents

    • penthouseballer

      lmfaoooooo Jameer Nelson?!?!!? the washed up 32 year old PG who avrages 6 assists a game for a future star in shumpert and a solid back up pg beno, u my friend are shot

      • michael

        Since when is 32 washed up lmfao Jameer averages like 8 dimes and the guy can shoot he don’t wanna play in Orlando you can see it .. If he was in New York man he adds something not with our 4 sgs we have.. Kyrie goes to Knicks if Melo leaves only way and honestly my friend Melo is better…Kyrie is steaky just like Melo Me I rather Melo leave I don’t like the one man show when your not kobe or Durant .. And jammer would of been good in this run to have and you dump him next year.. Learn how front office works you don’t just sign every good player lol.. You make strategic moves and Shumpert sucks bro he may be athletic but no heart he plays D but when ever hes in the game they start losing We have some one called Smith and Hardaway why we need shumpert why you think they wanna trade him and not chandler

  • Abused Raptors Fan

    LMFAO if you think the Cavs trade Varejo, Irving and possibly even Waiters for basically Shumpert and Chandler. WOWOWOW. Talk about overvaluing your team’s players! Wow. Period.