Jan 3, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler (6) talks to an official after being called for a technical foul during the second quarter against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks: Mike Woodson reportedly confronted Tyson Chandler over comments

It’s clear to even a blind person that the New York Knicks have been falling apart at the seams all year long with countless finger pointing and immature behavior from almost every player wearing a Knicks jersey, including head coach Mike Woodson.

The latest came after their 103-80 home loss to the Brooklyn Nets, when Tyson Chandler openly criticized the Knicks’ defensive strategy, per Newsday‘s Al Iannazzone: Tyson Chandler said he doesn’t agree with the Knicks defensive game plan and that they don’t have the personnel to switch on pick-and-rolls.

Jan 16, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler (6) wants a foul called against the Indiana Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Indiana defeats New York 117- 89. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

That couldn’t be truer.

Chandler also added:

“I don’t want to switch. I personally don’t like it. You come with a defensive plan and then every guy kind of mans up and takes his responsibility. I think switching should always be your last resort. That’s me, personally.”

I also feel it is ridiculous that the Knicks switch absolutely everything.

However Woodson didn’t seem too thrilled with Chandler’s comments, which truthfully should have stayed in house, and took it upon himself to confront the All-Star center.

According to the New York Daily News Frank Isola:

According to a team source, Woodson recently confronted Chandler about comments the veteran center made that could be interpreted as undermining the coach’s authority. It is unclear when that conversation took place, but it could have happened last week following a loss to the Indiana Pacers, when Chandler said “we didn’t make adjustments.”

That answer was in response to reporters asking Chandler to comment on Woodson’s claim that the Pacers simply outworked the Knicks. It was erroneously reported that Carmelo Anthony was criticizing Woodson when in fact Chandler took a subtle shot.

Woodson also made it known that he confronted Chandler about it:

“I talk about it. I don’t think it’s something you air in the paper,” Woodson said of Chandler’s pointed criticism, per the New York Post‘s Fred Kerber. “You got issues, you hold your coach and your teammates accountable and you air it out amongst yourself.”

Throughout this season, this is just the latest example of the obvious fact that Woodson has clearly lost this Knicks team.

For a guy who has the unwarranted reputation of being a defensive coach, Woodson is not that at all and that is clearly a problem.

But it is even a bigger problem when your players take shots at your head coach.

For someone as classy as Chandler to do so, you know there has to be major problems.

Changes should have been made a while ago and until they happen (both players and coaches), sadly the finger pointing is going to continue.

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  • Robbie lynch

    I have to agree changes should’ve been made already this coach lost his locker room, secondly I think all the credit he got from the Knicks offense last year should really go to Kidd as u seen in the last game the nets r playing a lot like the Knicks were last year unselfishly moving the ball. I know that knicks have been hampered by injuries all year but this coach refuses to play players that r having a good game in the 4th quarter and pucking players he likes to play and that’s go to be frustrating to a player working his butt off.Woodson team has no offensive motion,no ball movement and rarely even do P&r anymore. I think if the knicks fire woods on this team will respond positively with a streak of wins therefore salvaging the season by making the playoffs salvaging Carmelo not leaving and next year have good pieces to trade if they continue to not play to what we got accustomed too last season(STAT contract and Tyson and even Shumpert ) are excellent trade pieces next season.

    • Robbie lynch

      I also thought they should’ve pulled the trigger on Lowry earlier in the season, Lowry can run an offense,can score and defend and would compliment the Knicks and Carmelo nicely,Shumpert is a product of the new York media and simply isn’t that good very inconsistent on offense and has regressed from being a slasher/shooter to strictly a jump shooter and is overzelous on defense a lot of times. I think Lowry would’ve resigned with the Knicks

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