January 13, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks forward Amar

NBA Trade Rumors: Are the Knicks showcasing Amar'e Stoudemire?

It has been no secret that the New York Knicks have desperately tried to trade forward Amar’e Stoudemire since the end of last season, but because of his massive contract and injury concerns, there have been no takers.

January 13, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks forward Amar

It’s also no secret how much the Knicks have struggled with Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler on the floor together.

Since his January 1 return, Knicks’ head coach Mike Woodson has worked Stoudemire back into the rotation off the bench, but while Woodson is trying to find a role that fits for STAT, could he be showcasing Stoudemire around the NBA for a potential deal as well?

I have been on record several times stating the Knicks will never find a taker for Stoudemire. His contract, which owes him $60 million the next three years, is just too big and his health is just too much of a concern.

There is also concern about the chemistry. The Knicks are only 3-4 since Stoudemire returned and while there are plenty of other factors that have played into the Knicks slide, is it a coincidence that the Knicks aren’t winning consistently with STAT back on the floor?

If a deal came around the Knicks would take it. There is no debating that.

They want to unload that contract and get cap relief in the process. But in order to make a deal, the Knicks will have to take on some salary as well, which isn’t ideal.

If that is the case, looking at guys such as Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay and other makes sense and upgrades the team, especially in the case of Gay, who could play the 3 and let Anthony play the 4 on a more consistent basis.

But all of that is speculation.

The problem with acquiring a star from another team is getting them to agree to take on Stoudemire and that is an extremely tough sell.

Having said that I don’t expect Stoudemire to be going anywhere anytime in the near future.

But you never know. He is unintentionally being showcased around the NBA right now. Who knows, some team may be willing to roll the dice.

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  • Gail Barry

    Why are u writing such an article. Give STAT a chance to come back from his injury. He isn’t being showcased, he is just playing!!

    • shet

      They have been on record to say they have actively been shopping him since last summer. It is a relevent topic now that he is back. I don’t want to see, nor do I think he will be dealt, but to not write all angles, especially with the trade deadline a month and a half away means we aren’t doing our jobs.

      • Gail Barry

        Understood :-((

  • redcowboys

    Matt, if you’re a Knick’s fan, then why are you writing such nonsense? First Amare will have 2 more years on his contract, after this season (worth about 40m) not 3 more years as you stated. So get your facts straight. Second, Amare is just coming back from minor knee surgery, and will take a while to be back to 100. Third, Melo and Amare have not played with a legitimate point guard to this day. Let’s wait and see a few games with Felton in the lineup and then pass some judgement.

    • shet

      I never said that he has three years after this season. He isn’t playing for free this year is he? So that equals three years. And I clearly said he wasn’t going to be dealt. This time of year every single rumor gets reported and just last week the organization confirmed they were shopping him, so I can’t ignore that and must write about every angle. That being said he is my favorite Knick, but you would be kidding yourself if a decent deal came around for him that the Knicks wouldn’t jump all over it. Won’t happen though.