Knicks Looking To Trade Up For Biyombo, Think Thompson Is Next Reggie Miller

Busy, busy, busy. With the draft just a few days away, the serious rumors are beginning to swirl: Donnie Walsh told Klay Thompson he had some Reggie Miller intangibles, New York wants to move Toney Douglas or Landry Fields for a shot at moving up two spots to grab him, Congolese rebounding monster Bismack Biyombo has suddenly become attractive enough to warrant a jump to 11.

The rumors, they’re coming in droves! Biyombo’s an incredibly enigmatic player. Someone who could either instantly impact somebody’s frontline with aggressive board play and above average defense (think Ben Wallace circa 2003) or flounder through the league with nary a trace of offensive ability to speak of (think Reggie Evans circa his entire career). If he falls to 17 it’s probably for a reason, but who cares. Draft away!


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  • Markstripes

    Biyombo is very intriguing, and I have a feeling that he just might slide to the Knicks at pick #17. While his athletic ability is rare, he is unpolished, and teams might not want to give a guy that might need seasoning the guaranteed money that a lottery pick would command. It would be hard for any team that needs rebounding and defense to pass on this guy, but I would not trade Fields just to move up a couple of slots. This guy was one of the best rookies in the league last year and only figures to get better.

  • bgalella

    Landry Fields didn’t adjust well to the team after Carmelo Anthony arrived.

    Moving him now before he gets exposed even more would be wise.