How Bad Do You Want Dwight Howard?

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It must be said that until we know the full aftermath of the league’s new CBA, all trade speculation is silly. But you know what? Who cares? It’s fun. Almost as much fun as teaming two unique yet complimentary franchise players like Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony up, surrounding them with glue guys, shooters, and a battle tested bench, and seeing what happens.

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  • knicks fan


    • guille

      if i’m the general manager of the knicks. i woudn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this kind of trade. .Dwight is a defensive foundation while amar’e is just like melo.
      it would be a good fit if this happen.

  • dylancelone

    kinda funny how people are already willing to push stoudemire out the door.. pathetic

  • izzy

    it is a business howard will generate more money than amare and the possiblities would be endless