Carmelo Anthony: The Disruptor

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  • bgalella

    Denver fans say the same thing, Carmelo Anthony is an All-Star player, but his presence alone won’t make a team into a title contender.

    The Knicks are still adjusting to their new roster and will go through some growing pains, but that was part of the deal.

  • ND23

    HAHA Hahn is so bad. This is the problem with having a “player’s coach”. No discipline. Tell me that if Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, or Poppavich was our coach Melo would not be reprimanded for this type of behavior. Also, blaming Melo for not getting a rebound in the final seconds makes me angry. this TEAM does not rebound, and they dont play defense either. Its time to get a coach that the players will play as a TEAM for, and that is not Mike no D Antoni. Everyone needs to back off Melo, he is trying his best and is under the scruitiny of idiots like Hahn 24 hours a day. Tell me, has there ever been a debut at the garden as anticipated as this man’s?