Linkin' Center: Where Lala Isn't Feeling The Love

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Don't be jealous, Candace.

Wow, sooooo that just happened. Carmelo and Amar’e played to the absolute peak of their abilities in that Jazz rout last night, and what a sight it was. Just a pleasure. Today in the Linkin’ Center, we’re taking a look at a few things, including last night’s “game”, Wednesday’s hot opponent, and Carmelo’s wife saying she feels unwanted.

* First, let’s get this question out of the way: Are the Knicks playing down to their competition?

* On the Wendy Williams Show a few days ago, Mrs. Carmelo revealed something quite disturbing. And by disturbing we mean pointless and catty.

* Oh, that Landry Fields. If he’d tried his patented jump stop, this problem would be solved.

* Just some stats to show how dominant Stoudemire and Anthony were last night.

* “The potential is there—it’s there,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said, adding, “If we can rebound, if we can play defense, we’ll have nights that they’re unstoppable.” Sounds like good news.

* In another go round as a Knick, Jared Jeffries is finally getting some love.

* Amidst the cloud of perpetual happiness currently surrounding New York City basketball, the team’s future front office leaders are still in limbo.

* Did you know the Miami Heat cried on Sunday? I’m just hearing about it this morning.

* With recent wins over Oklahoma City and Dallas, New York’s next opponent is the hottest team in the league.

* Recap from the Utah side of things, courtesy of our brothers over at Purple & Blues.

* Are Carmelo’s defensive inefficiencies much ado about nothing?

* Speaking of Carmelo, should he stay with No. 7 or go back to the familiar No. 15?

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