3/7 Linkin' Center: Where Al Horford Gives Carmelo A Migraine

In last night’s nice little fourth quarter barrage, the Knicks reverted back to their early winter look, i.e. with no Carmelo Anthony. Apparently a migraine was suffered by the All-Star starter on an Al Horford love tap during the first quarter. Not sure if this’ll create any lingering side effects, but the Knicks’ new cast of characters seemed able enough to step in and give a solid effort without him. Also, congratulations to Mike D’Antoni. In 224 games as head coach of the New York Knicks, last night was the first time your team held its opponent under 80 points!

Read more about last night’s game in the links. Now onto them.

* Recap of the Atlanta game from the Times. When it comes to different ways you can win in the NBA, this was one of the stranger instances.

* Down in Tennessee, a former Knick gets his number retired.

* With all the media scrutiny going on in Miami, specifically aimed at Erik Spoelstra, Knick head coach Mike D’Antoni feels like he can relate. (What D’Antoni didn’t say was he’d absolutely, positively, never in eight million years embarrass his players the way Spoelstra did yesterday.)

* The Knicks main focus right now? The Charlotte Bobcats!

* I’d have to say this is a terrible, out-on-a-ledge theory by the Post’s Marc Berman, but crazier things have happened. Especially when it involves New York’s ability to make management decision.

* The best part about last night’s win in Atlanta? The team’s depth was revealed. Roger Mason Jr., for one, was a starter in San Antonio just a few years ago, and having a veteran presence like that is only going to help a team battling injuries, trying to mold a strong locker room.

*Remember when Amar’e told BYU how he really feels? Well, maybe he was lying.

* A very cool story. Reactions to the Carmelo trade are disclosed by the players who weren’t involved.

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  • Liam

    I really do like this teams chances come playoff time. i want to see our pick/roll defense improve so very badly, which is why orlando scares me, because teams that run that type of offense seem to kill us (and cuz howard is just a beast and amare is the only one that i think can really compete with him if he decided to guard him and gave his all… but he’d get in foul trouble anyways!!! well, at least there is somewhat hope after seeing turiaf do a good job against him the other night in limited minutes)

    teams that arent pick/roll heavy we have fared well against and do a good job on d… what a great addition jeffries is, perfect guy for our starting lineup with his defense and hustle, size and rebounding

    heres to hoping all 48 minutes of center-position-play each playoff game is filled with jeffries and turiaf (meaning when jeffries comes out turiaf comes in, and vice-versa) and the only time we “go small” is when amare sits, which should only be about 6 to 8 minutes per game in the playoffs anyways as he’ll be playing 40 minutes per

    i think our defense could be very good by playoff time with jeffries anchoring and chauncey stressing it… the offense is gonna be explosive regardless with a PG of that caliber and the best offensive bigman in the game in amare and one of the best wing scorers in melo… plus a plethora of shooters in a d’antoni offense

    i really do like our chances come playoff time. alot

  • Liam

    For playoff games

    Center: Jeffries (28mpg)/Turiaf(20mpg)

    PF: Amare(40mpg)/Shawne(8mpg)

    SF: Melo(40mpg)/Shawne(8mpg)

    SG: Fields(35mpg)/Douglas(13mpg)

    PG: Billups(36mpg)/Douglas(12mpg)

  • Liam

    thank god we didnt include landry fields when we grabbed melo and billups…… thats H-U-G-E, and will be looked back upon in a few years as a “wow, great decision to keep him”. not to the extent of the celtics keeping rondo when they landed kg and ray, but great to keep fields nonetheless…. kid is gonna be a stud allaround player at 2guard

  • Liam

    also for tonights gamee i hope billups and turiaf are back… would like to see fields guard devin harris from the get-go and billups on raja bell, and also would like to see jeffries on jefferson with amare on millsap, i think both could do a great job guarding their man in that situation