3/3 Linkin' Center: Where Toney Douglas Is Better Than Chris Paul

No, no. Settle down. Not even close. But for one night he was, without a doubt. The bulk of today’s Linkin’ Center will revolve around those two players, with a slight edge in content going to Paul. In my opinion it’s sad, really, that the fans at MSG would cheer for a visiting star when they finally have 2.5 of their own. It feels so out of touch and unrealistically low. You know what it is? It’s like buying roses for a pretty girl who, while tipsy at a party six months ago, said you were cute. Then when Valentine’s Day rolls around, while you’re in a happy relationship and she’s six years into a slightly rocky commitment, you have roses delivered to her at work. It’s kinda like that, in a pathetic and desperate kind of way. When you cheer an opponent hoping to sway them in a free agency decision that’s not for another 14 months, how can you expect that player to respect you? Whatever. Call me old school. The Knicks don’t even need a point guard! Alright I’m over it. Onto the links before my eyes explode.

* Even though he couldn’t play, it looks like Chauncey Billups had his fingerprints all over Tony Douglas’ wonderful performance.

* Don’t get me wrong, it’d be GREAT to have Chris Paul come aboard, but chances are the Knicks simply won’t have the cap room. So let’s stop worrying about it.

* Our brother’s over at Swarm & Sting are feeling sad over last night’s beat down. In a small step towards cheering them (and yourself) up, read their recap of last night’s game.

* You know what you’re getting every game from Carmelo and Amar’e. It’s when the unexpected guys step up that the Knicks look like a very, very formidable opponent.

* The harsh truth about a team finally finding its way.

* Why Donnie Walsh hasn’t had his contract extended yet is anybody’s guess. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s a considerable concern.

* More on the toast heard round the world.

* Is New York the greatest thing to happen to basketball since the three-point line? No. Unless you work in television.

* Reiterating that last question, we’ll let a panel of NBA.com writers give their thoughts.

* Someone in New Orleans is a sore loser. Then again, he does have a point with this whole “Mardi Gras” deal.

* Looks like Toney Douglas should get another start against Cleveland on Friday.

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  • Jason

    Discovered this blog a few months ago and just thought I’d let you know you guys do a great job, keep it up! Go new york

  • Michael Pina

    Thanks Jason, appreciate the readership!

    • http://www.swarmandsting.com James Grayson

      Hey Michael,

      Yes we are sad, this isn’t who Chris Paul is. He’s playing un-aggressive basketball, he rarely takes it to the hoop and often stands in the corner and waits for the offensive possession to be over.

      We wouldn’t mind losses if Chris Paul was playing well, but he is honestly playing like a bad-back-up point guard. Jarrett Jack had a better game than him, enough said about that.

      Thanks for the shout-out too, you run a great blog and I have to say that people really under-estimate these FanSided blogs (most are under-the-radar). Anyway keep up the good work!

  • liam

    more i think about this the more i like our chances come playoff time….. the talent on this team is remarkable and we have an elite pointguard, bigman and wing scorer on this team… that is tough to find!!!!!

    while i get what your saying with the size issue and agree with it… i think youre giving us a LITTLE bit too little of credit and a LITTLE bit too much credit to the opposition… i mean to be real with you usually in the playofs there are 8 or 9 man rotations and either 3 or 4 bigs see the floor… i dont think asik or kurt thomas will see even a minute of floor time com playoff time… maybe thomas will get 5-10 minutes a night… Jared Jeffries (6’11 240) and Amare(6’10 250) is a bigger frontcourt than noah(6’11 232)-boozer(6’9 260), and turiaf is bigger as their backup than taj gibson (strictly size im talking)…. the celtics shaquille is a problem, yes, but he’s 39 years old, he’ll get 20 minutes a game at most and freakin turiaf could be put in a role strictly to play those 20 minutes and wrestle with shaq and try to box him out (if shaq is even healthy)… i think amare can match up with kg, and jermaine aint gonna be healthy, i dont think murphy will even play but if he or krstic do jeffries can match up with either one, or bigbaby as well i think (he’ll swat that fat little turd’s pathetic excuse for a postup!)

    i like this team. yes dwight howard is a serious problem, but turiaf was respectable on him, as was amare, he dominated williams to epic levels and caused our whole defense to ish the bed, but i really do believe if you compete and contest and wrestle with him as a 7footer without fouling you can hold him in check, i’d rather have jeffries on him or turiaf or amare than williams, put it that way…. let him score 30 (he wont get 50) and guard the rest of the other guys (ive seen bosh guard him, ill look for th youtube clip), make them hit open jumpers with a guy runnin at em if it gets to that pick/roll

    and yes derrick rose is a serious problem for billups with his speed (or for anybody) but we could have ebilups take bogans and have fields try to bother rose with his length…

    we have options is what im saying. 96 minutes at pf and center for each playoff game, amare is gettin 40 of those minutes… can jeffries and turiaf handle splitting the other 56? can d’antoni live with not going small? can the fact that melo, fields and billups all vry good rebounders for their position and have great size for their position help?

    we’ll see, i guess….. it only matters if we committ to defense as a team 110% and believe that we can win and win big… the talent is there, 25 more games to get chemistry and practice down before the big test…. im excited to see what we can do!