3/1 Linkin' Center: Where Chris Duhon Meets The Knicks

Do We Really Need To Be Teammates?

Tonight’s Eastern Conference matchup with Orlando is equally important as Sunday’s win over Miami. I know, I know, every game counts, but facing another possible first round opponent with the new look roster is especially momentous. There isn’t much to say in breaking Knicks related news that we didn’t cover yesterday; right now, I’ll let the links do the talking:

* Tonight’s game isn’t crucial, but this stretch of schedule is.

* Just as New York’s ramping up for the tough road ahead, Orlando realizes they need to stay afloat and reaffirm their Eastern Conference supremacy.

* If you’re a betting man, the Knicks might not be your pick tonight.

* So goes the culture of today’s NBA, should small market teams have something legitimate to worry about?

* A brief rundown of last night’s news and notes all across the league.

* Is there a slight overreaction to the Knicks defensive performance on Sunday night?

* A touching sendoff to fallen soldiers Eddy Curry and Timofey Mozgov.

* Are the Nets a bigger threat than first realized?

* People want to dress like Carmelo Anthony.

* Another piece on Anthony Carter from our friends over at The Knicks Blog.

* Forget about the three stars, how does everyone else fit into a championship seeking puzzle?

* More on the Mozgov wedding. You better grab a seat for this one.

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  • liam

    I rally wish we got Troy Murphy… he woulda been a really good fit for us and solidified our starting 5 with his size and shooting and rebounding… plus he can match up with other teams centers most the time and just box them out and rebound with em (he’d have tons of trouble against the dwight howards of the world, but whatever)…. i really wish we grabbed him

    The most important thing is defense for us though, buying in to it, i think we can contend for a championship THIS YEAR if we do so and that heat game was a great sign for us, Billups is so damn key with his leadership and how he will keep amare and melo happy with touches and good spots and he will lead our defense… he’s a champ and he’s just the man, for real.

    But that brings me to my real point: getting Jeffries will be huge. Seriously huge. He is a defense guy, and he’s the same EXACT size as Joakim Noah. The bulls dont have many “size problems” with noah-boozer as their starting frontcourt, they hustle and buy into defense and it helps that htey have a big small forward like deng to help (which we have in carmelo) on the glass…. i think Jeffries next to amare helps a ton on the glass and defensive end plus he just knows how to play and be a glue guy… we wont be “outsized” too much, orlando or the lakers could do it, maybe boston with shaq… but i really really like a starting 5 of billups-fields-melo-amare-jeffries with turiaf off the bench for added size and the rest of the bench composed of douglas-carter-williams-balkman.

    I like this team A TON if they buy into defense. losing on murphy sucks but jeffries might be better for us anyways due to defense, he’ll need to really focus on rebounding htough

  • Michael Pina

    I couldn’t agree with you more Liam. Murphy would’ve been a great addition, and him going to Boston only hurts the Knicks even more. I don’t think without training camp that this group of guys can come together on the defensive end in such a short amount of time, but we’ll see.

  • liam

    good stuff mike, oh well on murphy. if he’d rather wave a towel for 48 minutes in the nba finals than play 30 minutes as a starting pf/c for a team that will give a great fight and possibly make the east finals than thats on him…. some people arent competitors i guess