Knicks History Repeating?

Potential Buckets writer Andy Diamond has this to say about the current state of the Knicks:

Hmmm….is this history all over again?

The Knicks make a move…and we think we’re back.

But, does one player really carry a team to the promised land?
That’s Amar’e!!! We love to love our Knicks….but, have you been
watching? Sure, Amar’e is great…but it seems quite clear that
he is not the answer….at least, not him alone. Amore takes at least
two….and so does winning in the NBA….actually it takes at least
three stars: Boston knows that. Miami now knows it.

Well, there’s always Carmelo down the road. Or is there?
Keep tuned. I am, as I have been since 1973 when we last won!!!

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  • Chris Gould

    It takes more than three…and it also takes time. I know you expected more out of twenty-ten, but at least you got a centerpiece. Now it’s up to DW to fill the table. Hang in there Bunny, K will ride again…perhaps 2016…with Isaiah…

    • Andy Dimond

      Or, are the Knicks cursed, like a well known baseball team in new england was for so long? me hopes not…but, Jimmy (Dolan)…just sell the team…so we can’t blame you for the bad karma… we promise…we’ll come hear you play jazz…please…isiah will come hear you as well.

      • Chris Gould

        1918 was just a phrase, no curse. So is 1973. Give DW another year to finish his puzzle and stop slagging Jimmy D. He gave up the reigns to play his music and renovate the MSG. NYK fans must be just a little more patient and back your team, even if they are struggling. Maybe they should bring back #8 to feed the Stoud? He’s all alone…

  • Andy Dimond

    Amare is pretty much alone in the paint.
    Turiak almost never shoots..and is hurt.
    The Russian Rookie almost never shoots..but fouls a lot…
    still allowing the one who is fouled to score.
    And Danilo seems like he is already playing a mile high for the Nuggets…short of breath….and short of points and D. And, um…that’s about it..for the K’s big men!!!
    Another long season for the K’s? The only thing they have going for them is very low expectations.

  • Chris Gould

    Here’s one of the problems: there is no D in MSG. D wins in this league. D’An needs to drill them endlessly, perhaps like Herb Brooks: Do it again…again…again. Just a thought.