Knicks' Win Leaves Buckets Singing

The Knicks victory against the Wizards last night left us giddy as Maria Von Trapp. Before the Nazis came.

Tonight’s win against the Wizards has inexplicably made new official Buckets writer Stan Chin break out into song… be warned though his singing voice has been compared to that of William Hung… and has been found wanting…

Take it away, Stan:

My apologies in advance.

(Clearing throat.. ahem ahem)

(sung to the tune My Favorite Things)

Knicks playing defense
Two get double doubles
Keep draining 3 pointers
We’ll be nothing but trouble
Swishing and dishing that Clyde Frazier sings
These are a few of my favorite things

Great balanced scoring
But Randolph is rusty
On the end of the Knick bench
Curry’s getting dusty
Dreaming of fittings for championship rings
These are a few of my favorite things

Nine Wall turnovers
Can’t blame the asbestos
Hope Douglas’ five steals
Don’t get him arrested
Now bring on the Sixers it ain’t no big thing
These are a few of my favorite things

If the ball stops
If the crowd boos
When they play sad
I simply remember my Knicks are much improved
and then I don’t feel… soooooo….. baaaaaad

Thank you thank you

No applause please

Just throw money

Just a few other comments I couldn’t fit into the song…

-Stoudemire bounced back with a great game… 18 points on 6-11 shooting with 4 boards and only 2 turnovers

-I touched on the 2 double doubles tonight… Felton with 13 point and 10 assists and Douglas with team leading 19 points and 10 boards.. I think he was channeling David Lee with those numbers.

-Back to back nights setting career highs for Douglas. 30 points yesterday 5 steals today.

-Five games into the season I think I see a need defensively… an enforcer. Someone to plant a player on their backside when they come into the paint.. hard. Make guys like Rondo and Rose think twice about driving down the lane.

-Useless fact of the day…The Knicks are undefeated when they score over 100 points and hold their opponent under 100. (think about it)

-On a sad note while watching the pre game show I saw that Maurice Lucas passed away. He was great player with the Knicks back in 81-82. For those of you who did not get to see him play imagine Charles Oakley enforcer/rebounding skills with better offensive moves. 15.8 ppg 11.3 rpg with the Knicks (14.4 and 9.1 career with the ABA and NBA) The man was one of the all time NBA greats.

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  • Brendan Galella

    I think the league can start etching Toney Douglas’ name on its Most Improved Player of the Year trophy, he’s been playing out of his mind. 30 points against Chicago, 19 points, 10 rebounds and five steals against Washington. Really surprised by what he’s been able to do this season.

  • Derek Armour

    It’s a story we’ve seen before…player gets drafted for his defense, surprises with his offense (see Ewing, Sprewell etc.). Toney Douglas will be a very good player for a long long time in the NBA. His ability to shut down the other team’s point guard will lead to a lot of Knick wins. Under D’Antoni the Knicks will score points so disrupting the other team’s ability to start their offense will be huge this season and beyond.

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    I’ve been loving Toney Tone, but Most Improved, Brendan? I mean the first two games it looked like it was Wilson Chandler would win that. And that Landry Fields would be a huge 35+ minute part of the rotation, rather than the 20 minuter he’s been the last few. The Knicks not only have some depth, but D’Antoni’s actually using it a bit, allowing guys like Landry, Wilson & Toney Tone to play more and thrive on nights they’ve got it going. But so far our rotation hasn’t settled enough for me to be convinced that TD’s gonna regularly get 30+ minutes/night. Particularly if Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike can eventually work their way into the rotation. So while I think Tone has the skilzzz, desire and ability to be a MIP candidate, it’s really really really hard for me to see him being assured of getting enough minutes all year long to make it a real probability.

    But I am indeed loving his performances and don’t mean for my realism to be raining on your parade.

  • bgalella

    You make good points, but through five games, Toney Douglas has doubled his scoring average, doubled his rebounding total and is averaging 2.5 steals per game. He’s had a tremendous year and entered it with zero expectations.

  • bgalella

    When Aaron Brooks won it last season, I thought that was lame because following his great post season against the Lakers, was anyone really surprised he played so well?

    I think the most improved player is someone that comes out of nowhere and makes an impact, but that’s just me.

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Yeah, Toney’s been dang impressive, and yes, if he keeps up this same scoring average with his current rebounds, steals, assists, threes, then of course I think he’s got a shot, but as I said it’s more a question of will he be able consistently get the minutes and shots all season long. And not because I don’t think he can maintain his abilities, but because other guys will have good nights where you gotta play Fields, Chandler or whoever 30 minutes.

    As for Aaron Brooks, I could see that even though he played well against the Lakers in the playoffs it could still feel like he came out of nowhere when he did it all last season because there seemed to be a bunch of people who dismissed his playoff performance since it was up against Derek Fisher. That’s been the prevailing thought that fast point guards can destroy Fish, so I think people took Brooks’ performance with a huge grain of salt. Sorta like how all the intelligent GMs in the league didn’t think Jerome James had transformed into a force after one decent playoff series for Seattle. Too bad our GM was Isiah. Anyway, I’m not necessarily disagreeing that Brooks shouldn’t have won, just that I think his full season performance could’ve felt like a surprise to many people.