**UPDATED: Want To Write For Buckets?

Are you interested in writing about the Knicks for Buckets Over Broadway?  With the season starting and the Knicks looking much improved, we could use some more content.  If we get several people with talent, then we’ll add several people.  So it ain’t about being better than all the other people who submit, just about being dang good yourself.  If you’d like to be considered, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you (we’ll be able to see the email with which you signed on to comment).

We’ll then be asking for the following:

  • Name
  • Age/Location
  • Writing Background (If any)
  • If there are any qualities/background info that would make you especially qualified/unique to contribute.
  • Writing Sample(s)
  • Any other information you think we should know
  • And most importantly: what you think the meaning of life is.

…Okay, maybe you don’t need to know the last one.

But, wow, serious bonus points if you can enlighten me on that.



Love that a bunch of you responded!

A few additional things:

1. You don’t need to fill out the above info in these comments, just when I email you.

2. I will contact everyone.

3. Pretty much none of the above info I asked for matters, it’ll just be about your writing sample(s).  So don’t worry if you’ve never written jack before.  And in terms of writing samples, I’ll want to read something basketball-related.  Perhaps if your sample is solid, I’ll post ‘em up here even if we don’t ultimately choose you.

4. For the writing sample I want you to write what you’d like to write.  I don’t care if you write something that disagrees with things I’ve written or if it’s nothing like what we have here.  If you tend to think about things humorously, then do something that expresses that.  If you’re more analytical and into stats, go for that.  If, like say Andy below, you enjoy writing lyrics, then feel free to write a Knick song or whatever.  If you prefer to just write in snippets of thoughts rather than full-fledged paragraphs, do that.  It doesn’t need to be the most brilliant piece of writing ever, just something that you think is kinda interesting and which you’d enjoy reading if you came across it on a blog.

5. There is no pay for this.  Maybe down the road there could be a little bit, but for now assume you will never make a nickel doing it.  This should be about the joy/love of expressing your thoughts/feelings on bball.

  • Ben

    im interested

    • JD

      I’m interested.

      I’ve done interviews for the now defunct online comics news site Silver Bullet Comics and I’ve written a few short pieces on the Knicks in the past for a fan site, so it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve vented my frustrations for the poor direction of the franchise, through the power of the written word.

      I assume this feeling of hopelessness is how Mets fans feel?

      ~ JDS

  • Matthew Wenning

    I am a 23 year old man and I do not expect any reply. I honestly do not have any great writing samples for you, but I have been lost in life and have been trying to find a niche in life. I became a New York Knick fan when Steve “The Franchise” Francis became a knick because I was a huge fan. I have been a fan since no matter the difficulties. I have always been a sports fan no matter what sport whether it has been football, basketball, or baseball. I have participated in all sports so I believe that I have a decent knowledge of all sports. Sports have dominated my whole life, and the only thing that my friends’ talk about. I will not say that I am the most qualified person for the job, in fact I would say the opposite, but I can guarantee that my love for sports and the New York Knickerbockers will out way my abilities. I know that I have never done anything that would qualify me for this, but I will guarantee that I will learn as much as I can and be the best that you could ask for. I have grown a great love for this organization and writing anything for this team would be a huge dream of mine. I would work as hard as possible to bring the New York Knicks the respect they have earned and deserve.

  • http://www.NyKnicksbeat.net James Miller

    I am currently an avid follower of your blog as well as an owner of my own (NyknicksBeat.net). I would love to contribute to your blog and share information and opinions on the Knicks with each other. You can check out my writing samples there, but here is a recent one I am happy with http://www.nyknicksbeat.net/2010/10/knicks-can-learn-from-division-rivals.html.

    I hope we can work together soon.


  • Matt

    interested, please email

  • Mike

    21 years old, Westchester, NY

    Avid Knicks fan interested in writing for you. Experienced in writing sports for school papers. Please email me for writing samples.

  • http://www.kolodkin.com bk

    * Name: BK
    * Age/Location: Old/New Jersey.
    * Writing Background (If any): I have never written professionally about sports, but I have blogged professionally about foreign policy and I work as an independent/freelance writer and consultant. I also had a byline for an English-language newspaper in Romania.
    * If there are any qualities/background info that would make you especially qualified/unique to contribute.: I once defeated Walt Frazier’s son in a game of one-on-one. Perhaps the more important fact is that I was 10 and he was 5. By the time he reached 7, he’d have destroyed me. Perhaps more relevant facts are that I am familiar with Knicks history going back to the championship years and I keep current with the Knicks as well, also I am opinionated but express those opinions in a sane and logical manner. I am no Hubie Brown or Dr. Jack Ramsay but know the difference between a 2-3 zone and a pick and roll.
    * Writing Sample(s)
    Go to: usforeignpolicy.about.com
    * Any other information you think we should know
    The very first record album I purchased was “Holzman’s Heroes” with Marv Albert narrating highlights from the first championship season.
    * And most importantly: what you think the meaning of life is. The meaning of life was the perfect day: Saturday afternoon – Rangers at 1 PM. Two games at the MSG bowling center. A couple of slices and a few beers. Knicks game at 7:30PM.

  • Stan

    I’m interested

  • Andy Dimond

    Huge Knick fan for MANY years…i.e. since Howard Komives, i.e. ’60′s…and every year since..right up until this moment…when I logged in (again) to see any new “MELO” or other Knick news…Would love to write for Buckets (btw–I write song lyrics and advertisements)…Thanks!

  • jimmy

    knicks fan for many years, played high school and college bball, great understanding of the game, biggest difference between this year’s team (so far and i hope it continues throughout the year)and the previous years’ teams is EFFORT, BAD TEAMS DON’T HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE AMOUNT OF EFFORT IT REQUIRES, GAME IN AND GAME OUT, TO BE A WINNING TEAM IN THE NBA, and so far the knicks are giving that kind of effort, now they just need time to gel and learn how to win, which will come with playing together and learning each other’s likes and dislikes and abilities

  • Gufano


    I wrote this last year to a few friends and I feel like it pretty much sums up my candiacy. Obviously this was written before the free agency period–when Jared Jefferies absence was still a glimmer in my eye– but it still does a good job of encapsulating my enthusiasm. I’d love to be a part of this.

    To say that I live for New York Knicks basketball is both an understatement of my passion and a frightening sentence for me to read even as I type it. When I consider the thousands of hours my friends and I have devoted to saving this franchise through hypothetical trades and acquisitions, to breaking down potential draftee footage (Isiah I’d like to thank you for saving me the trouble this year) and to deriving daily moral victories from this glacial ascent to respectability (okay maybe Frank Williams wasn’t our answer at PG) , I find myself gloriously relieved that I have any social life at all (like any good Knicks fan girlfriend, she has learned not to ask me what their record is). This being said, I wear my allegiance like a badge of courage, knowing that this team will someday rise again. It will rise against the needless prodding of the national media (Isiah is gone, why must you forsake me Chad ford?), against the jaded apathy of the New York Media (no Marc Berman, I don’t care that Stephon Marbury is in the best shape of his life from running the foothills in Shanghai in cardboard sneakers) and against the self-aggrandizing fans around the country who continue to pour gasoline on our flaming franchise even as we try to smother its final embers. For me, the Knicks represent a commitment to a New York ideal that unifies us all— the ability to reinvent ourselves even while we are told it cannot be done. Maybe we don’t deserve the national notoriety for just now attempting to rebuild this once proud franchise in a City that wants to be proud of it, but there are signs of respectability everywhere around us. Every time Danilo drives to the rim instead of settling for three, every time Chandler spins to the hoop with that newfound reckless abandon and every time D’Antoni banishes a selfish player to the bench…there is cause for hope. At this time next year I believe we will have the opportunity to watch a Knicks team that we— its infinitely faithful followers— deserve. It has been a long road and there are still many stumbling blocks along the way (can I interest anyone in a 6’11’ 113lb defensive stopper for $7million? Seriously?..Anyone?) , but for those of us who have followed this team through its darkest hour, success will taste that much sweeter.

    Random essentials: I’m 22, have a B.A. in History from Vandy (the school with the weird basketball court) and I do a lot of writing. I also derive unhealthy amounts of joy from Clyde Frazier’s vernacular. I would love to be a part of what you guys do over here, as you are already a huge part of my day.


  • Josh Greenberg
    • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Seriously. Like okay, I can understand not playing him down the stretch because we really wanna make sure we close out the game, but D’Antoni couldn’t find more minutes earlier? But hey, it was an excellent win, so probably we shouldn’t complain.

      Then again, we’re New Yawkers, so what else should we do? Be happy??? That’s too alien for me.

  • Christopher DaCosta

    Im interested for the writing for buckets for the nyk.