New Poll: How Many Wins This Season?

With the new look Knicks set to debut tonight, it’s time for the obvious poll.  Last year we won 29 games.  What is your prediction for this season?

How many games will the Knicks win this year?

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  • Stan

    I’d say 40-45 can challenge for a 6 seed in the East

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Maybe. To me the top 6 are probably set with Boston, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta & Milwaukee. The 1st two & Atlanta should have similar records as last year, while the other three should improve enough to definitely win over 45. It’s possible the next team could get in at the 7th spot with just like 38 wins, but I do think to crack the top 6, Eastern teams will probably have to win 45+.