Thoughts From Knicks-Celts Game

Boston Celtics Paul Pierce drives to the basket over New York Knicks Anthony Randolph in the first quarter of a pre season game at Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 13, 2010. UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

Anthony Randolph, still figuring out the game of basketball, apparently didn't know that you're not supposed to lift up the other guy and carry him to the basket. Talk about embarrassing. (Source:

Sorry this didn’t come out earlier, but here are my belated thoughts on Knicks-Celts pre-season game #1 (they play again on Sunday in the neutral territory of Hartford, Connecticut):

-Many questioned whether Amar’e Stoudemire was worth the $100 million contract, and so far he’s been a man amongst boys.  He had another insane evening where he shot nearly 70% from the field, plus he got to the free throw line an impressive 15 times.  In just 27 minutes.  However, again the rebounds were anemic at just 5.  But he did also get 2 blocks, so at least he’s looking to protect the basket a bit more than he has the last couple of years.  Warning, most of the rest of this post is negative after this.

-Timofey Mozgov played well as the starting center, with the main issue again being fouls, as he notched four in just 15 minutes.  That ain’t gonna get it done.

-Raymond Felton logged the most time at 28 minutes, during which he logged a respectable 6 assists, but negated that by coughing up the ball three times during that short span.  Plus once again his shooting was godawful.  Basically, he’s playing like a Duhon.

-Danilo Gallinari’s shot clearly stayed in Italy, as once again he stunk it up from long distance, hitting just 1 of 6.  Hopefully his shot won’t stay abroad permanently and has merely taken an extended vacation in Italy because it missed real homemade Italian food like Momma Gallo makes.

-Wilson Chandler actually shot 2-for-3 from distance, continuing a nice run from three-point land.  Maybe he can actually do a good job at the shooting guard spot.  Likewise Bill Walker kept up his torrid pace, hitting 3-of-6 from out there too.  Me likey.

-Anthony Randolph still has yet to put it all together.  Okay, he hasn’t even put some of it together.  He shot 33% and had 5 turnovers in just 20 minutes.  I’m getting more and more concerned that this kid ain’t gonna figure it out.

-Though the Knicks lost again (101-104), as mentioned in my post on the relevance of pre-season games, just looking at the win-loss column tells a poor story.  The Celtics played three of their big guys (Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen) from 37-41 minutes.  Of particular importance was that those guys stayed in until the very end of the fourth quarter, while we had long since rested our starters (none of ‘em even came in during that final quarter).  Not only were we playing backup folk, we even had some of our backups to our backups, closing it out with the likes of rookies like Landry Fields and Andy Rautins.  Heck, if Rondo, Allen and Pierce couldn’t defeat Toney Douglas, Rautins and Fields, then they should’ve gotten their 2008 championship rings taken away.

-That said, we did luck out that Kevin Garnett got two techs in the first quarter and was tossed.  And if Amar’e hadn’t gone crazy, we would’ve been slaughtered.  Despite the joke above, I’m not worried about Gallo finding his shot again.  However, if neither Felton or Randolph get their games together, we’re gonna need Stat to go crazy every single game just to be competitive.  That ain’t good.

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  • bgalella

    Raymond Felton’s play has been pretty scary, the Knicks have been searching for a point guard since Derek Harper left in 1995 and while landing Felton was the best possibility, do you think there is any chance Toney Douglas makes a push to become the starter by mid-season?

    He isn’t really the answer you want either, but if Felton continues to struggle with turnovers and shows a penchant for launching ugly jumpers (Duhon style) than maybe a change is needed.

  • bgalella

    And yes, I’m aware Toney Douglas doesn’t have a consistent jumper either, it seems like he just needs to slow down and he’ll be ok.

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Well, Felton has already started improving, and last week there was an article somewhere about how he always sucked in the pre-season while at Charlotte. Apparently, he unfortunately use preseason to get into shape, and ever since he was a rookie he’s performed worse and worse in pre-season while simultaneously having better and better regular seasons. And with him having to learn not only a whole new system, but also how all his new teammates like to play, I don’t think we should give up on him.

      And actually, I don’t think Toney’s jumper is that bad. Although I feel like it’s better when he does a set shot rather than launching it up off the dribble.