Sources say Melo wants to be a Knick; but at what cost?

Would you be willing to part with any of our new acquisitions for Melo?

According to Chris Broussard’s twitter page, sources tell him that Melo’s preferred destination is with the New York Knicks.

Isiah also thinks it’s down to Chicago or New York.

Take this for what it’s worth, but the fact that Broussard didn’t throw out Chicago as well might actually mean this is true. In Isiah’s case he’s just talking just to talk.

With all the Melo rumors still swirling around one HAS to believe the Nuggets are going to trade him rather then lose him as a free agent this summer. This strategy sounds nice, but if I was I in this new GM’s shoes there is no way I’m trading my franchise player unless he specifically tells me he’s not re-signing, which I doubt he has.

Melo would obviously be a great fit here and would put up some outrageous offensive numbers, but at what cost? The new Nuggets GM is not just going to give Melo away, but he’s also made it clear he will be moved before Melo’s contract is over. This puts the Knicks in a really tough spot because if the Nuggets front office doesn’t have any interest in any of the Knicks pieces then the Knicks just have to hope Melo gets moved to a team like the Nuggets where he has no intention of signing an extension, which is pretty unlikely. Best case scenario right now is if the Knicks can get a third team involved with good young pieces and draft picks to sweeten the deal so the Knicks could ultimately obtain Melo.

Personally, the only players on the roster that would be off limits in a deal for Melo would be Randolph, Felton and Stoudemire. Notice I left Gallinari off because with Melo there would be no use or minutes for him.

I’d love to see the Knicks grab Melo, but it really just depends on the price.

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  • KnNick

    So if Denver offered Carmelo for Felton you’d turn then down? or Randolph? If you want to be build another super friends team then you only keep the super friends until you have three and thennnnn every washed up former all-star wants to be on your team.

  • Chase Thomas

    I’m very opposed to building a team through free agency and very big on building through the draft and getting a few pieces through free agency.

    Moving Randolph and Felton for Melo wouldn’t make us that much better and would leave us with some very big holes. This team has desperately needed a solid up-tempo PG and we finally have one in Felton so moving him would only be ok in my book if Billups came with Melo in a deal.

    Also, all signs are pointing to Randolph having a breakout year this year and should be a big part of the offense this year so I’m reluctant to let him go as well.

    I’m ok with moving some young pieces as long as their roles are filled with other talent.

    There’s just a lot of variables that go into this. =p

  • Mike

    Why would you protect Randolph? The whole reason to acquire a player like Randolph is to be able to trade him.Right now he’s all upside little production if he were to have a breakout year then he becomes a sign and trade candidate. You’d be selling low on him now but if that was all that stands between us and Melo give him away please. I’ll take my chances he never becomes more than a role player.

  • John

    Are you smoking dope? The Knicks have been awful for 10 yrs. I’ll trade the garden for melo. If you have any brain at all retract these idiotic comments. Melo and Staud is a playoff team. I’ll sign up for it now. Ny fans are worse than Sather or Thomas. You actually think the Knicks have young star prospects hahahaha. Classic.

  • markstripes

    The only player that I would not consider moving for Anthony is Stoudemire. Everyone else, including Randolph and Felton should be made available, if necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Randolph and Felton, but they ain’t Anthony! That said, I don’t think that the Nuggets would be looking for Felton, since they already have Billups. I’m surprised that they haven’t expressed more interest in Randolph though.

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    I’m with the crowd: except for Stoudemire, I’d trade any of our guys for Melo. And actually if I had to choose between Randolph and Gallo, in this instance I’d probably prefer to keep Gallo. Melo & Stat work close to the basket, which is what Randolph’s offensive game is right now, versus Gallo can stretch the D, keeping the other team honest, and bombing away from three-point land. If we were trading for more of a three-point shooter-type, like say Eric Gordon or Steph Curry, then I’d definitely rather keep Randolph than Gallo. But regardless any of ‘em are expendable if it’ll bring back Carmelo.

  • Chase Thomas

    Mike: I’m really high on Randolph as of right now and have heard nothing but great things about him. He should excel in our system so trading him now at low value just isn’t a good idea. I’d love Melo here but if it’s going to cost us to lose to many young guys then I’m not for it. In a perfect world Melo signs with us out right next summer, but I just don’t see that happening.

    John: Yes, the Knicks have been bad for the last decade but you can thank a large portion of that to building through free agency. Also, we’re already a playoff team with our current roster, and if we trade the house for Melo our depth is shot and it’s going to take even more time to get more role players to fill out the roster. We have a solid young core right now and I’d like to see how the first half of the season goes before trading the house for Melo.

    Markstripes: My biggest concern by moving these guys we just brought in is depth. Unless we’re getting players to replace them in return then you’re going to see the same story again this season where we just run out of gas in the second half because of the lack of depth on the roster. And I believe the nuggets want picks as well which the Knicks can’t really offer any time soon. At this point the Rockets have the package to offer Denver.

    Alex: I agree that Gallo does a lot for floor spacing, but so does Melo. Melo brings everything to the table Gallo does and does it a lot better. Randolph is going to cause tons of match up problems for teams this season and having him on the floor with Amare and Melo is a lot more dangerous then Amare, Melo and Gallo.

  • Nkl Rush

    I am a dy-hard Knick fan and am truly discusted with the Knick front office. We crazy over spent with with Allan Houston,we get washed up players,we missed out on Lebron,The Knick organization should take money from other sources like ask to borrow some dough from the Islanders or Rangers to get Melo Damn I wish George Steinbrener was alive I would ask him to buy the team he would know how to get A WINNING TEAM

  • Brendan Galella

    I agree with Stoudemire and Randolph being untouchable, but why Raymond Felton? He’s an ok point guard, but there is no way he should be holding up the Knicks from getting one of the best players in the NBA.

  • Chase Thomas

    Brendan Galella: The reason I’m so hesitant to let Felton go is because he is the first PG we’ve had under D’Antoni that has a chance of flourishing. If we trade for Melo there is a minimal chance we get a PG in return and for us to make the playoffs this season we need a quality point guard.

    • Brendan Galella

      Agree with needing a point guard, NY had to endure the horrible Chris Duhon era, but if it comes down to having Felton or Anthony, you have to make the move. With Melo and Stoudemire in place, landing Tony Parker at a reduced rate become a realistic option.