Rudy Fernandez To Chicago?

Credit: Yahoo Sports

According to Portland Trail Blazers blog Rip City Project a deal that would send Rudy Fernandez to Chicago could be done by Monday.

Well, one thing is for sure and that is the Bulls are buyers this offseason. And it appears they aren’t done trying to finish filling out their new roster. After already signing Keith Bogans to a 2 year deal earlier in the day the Bulls are rumored to be close to be landing Fernandez now. If Chicago does indeed trade for Fernandez, where does that leave McGrady?

Fernandez has stated before he’s intrigued by the Eastern Conference, but going to a defensive minded coach where you won’t even start (Brewer signed with Chicago with a starting role assured) just seems like a bad career move for Rudy. Fernandez needs to be on an up tempo team, but it’s looking like Chicago and Boston are the only options left if Fernandez gets moved, both being bad fits for Fernandez.

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  • itsdarellkid

    disagree. maybe he just wants to be on a team that has a chance at winning.

  • Jeff

    The Bulls ARE an up tempo team, he won’t start though

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Kinda hard to say they’re up-tempo since they haven’t even played a single game under new coach Tom Thibideau. And since he’s known for being a defensive guru who’s come from half-court offense systems of the Celts and previously Jeff Van Gundy, I think it’s a much more likely assumption that they WON’T be an up tempo team.

      That isn’t to say that I don’t think Fernandez can’t fit in well there. In fact, one can argue that three-point shooters are even more vital to methodical half-court teams as spacing becomes even more critical.

  • Dan

    The Bulls are weakest at SG and SF which should provide better opportunities. Brewer has the starting job and probably has an advantage defensively, but he is not at Brandon Roy’s level and could be beat out for the starting role. This translates to a better opportunity for Fernandez. Rudy’s is athletic, has good ball handling skills and has range which could make him a better fit for the role along side Rose.

  • http://yahoo youdonotknowsquat

    Huh portland had more injuries then any other team last year and still made it to the play offs in the western conference – the bulls? Exactly!

  • Dexter

    Rudy could never start as long as BRoy is there in Portland. He may get a chance to beat out Brewer in Chicago.

  • Chase Thomas

    Rudy is definitely the better player then Brewer, but Brewer signed with Chicago with the belief he’d be the starter. Rudy wouldn’t start and be in another system that doesn’t maximize his talents as stated before.

  • Solomon Richardson

    I think the Bulls may have blown their chance to be in and possibly win the championship. Despite missing out on James, the addition of Shaq with what they have would have made them immediate threats to win it all. All sorts of back court combinations would have been available and effective. Shaq and Noah, Noah and Boozer, Shaq and Boozer and Gibson with either. Either combination of center and power forward would be competitive in the paint with any other in the league. Add to it, Shaq’s incentive to beat LA. However, since that isn’t available now, Rudy is a great move if it materializes. He will beat out whoever at the shooting guard position, giving the Bulls some options at trade deadline to beef up their small forward position. If we can add enough quality to our roster, we may can sustain the punch power of Miami, Boston and Orlando.

  • gary

    rudy for chicago’s ballboy is a good deal for portland