C's Snag Shaq For 2 Years/ 6 Million Getting Even Older

Credit: NBC Pro Basketball Talk

C’s got their insurance policy in Shaquille O’Neal today and although some people doubted they could do it got even older.

Yes, the Boston Celtics have indeed gotten older by adding the services of Shaq, but just how notable is this signing? It’s not at all.

Allow me to elaborate, like many have forgotten the Celtics stumbled into the playoffs last season as a 4 seed due to the countless injuries due to how how old this team is.

Sure, the C’s were one game away from becoming NBA champions, but really? Are we really going to live in fantasy land that the Celtics can just coast through the season and somehow turn it on come playoff team? There has to come a point where there age catches up to them, and that time is now.

Sure Shaq is another body to throw at Dwight Howard, but it’s already been proven Shaq isn’t a difference maker on defense anymore and doesn’t slow down Howard when they go head-to-head. The C’s think the Jermaine O’Neal and Shaq are both going to be able to make it to January without going down? Chances are both of these guys are going down before January, and the Celtics are back to square one.

The C’s also have huge question marks in Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Both brought new meaning to the word inconsistent this past postseason and will be counted on once again to play big minutes during the regular season which will likely result in even more injury problems for C’s.

Tony Allen also is no longer a Celtic and will be replaced by the far from ready Avery Bradley. Allen has become an elite defender in this league and his absence will be greatly missed come playoff time.

Pierce and Rondo are really the only sure things on the C’s going into next year and will be the two that hold this team together. Rondo is going to have to improve his scoring and Pierce needs to have a season that reflects last season or even better or the C’s could be in for a very rough season.

If I’m a Celtics fan, I’d be worried.

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  • AdoubleG

    Obviously you are not a Celtic fan, and you must be very young. Do some homework before you talk about which fans should be worried! First of all I have been a Celtic Fan since 1953 the day I was born at Boston City Hospital. If you go back atleast that far you would realize that Boston has always been the underdog with the smaller center (Bill Russell) small guards and forwards, yet they still have more championships than any other NBA team. Its not the size or age of the dog in the fight its the fight in the dog that make the difference. The Celtics and the Patriots know how to put together good fighters both young and old. Last NBA season Should have taught you this, but you might also be a slow learner. Save your negative small talk for Miami Heat fans. They should be worried, think about number 1,2,3 in the east last year. They could not beat the Celtics then and they wont do it next time around either! I guarantee it! Have some more sweet dreams!

  • john

    yes, quit stop talking trash

  • Travis O’Deane

    First off, this article is rife with spelling errors which either shows an innability to think clearly or shows that this guy was so impassioned by his message that he forgot to proofread. The Celtics are certain to win more games this season than last with or without adding Shaq, and I think we can all agree that he won’t hurt the team, which is badly in need of another big man. Tony Allen might have been the Celtics defensive stopper, but he quite frankly is retarded, and I’m glad to see his over-dribbling and eyes-closed drives to the rim move out to Memphis. Avery Bradley might be able to add some quality minutes, but I don’t think the Celtics are done in filling in players on the wing. Keep an eye out for Fernandez and Delonte West, who both would add a lot to the team. Celtics vs. Miami in the conference finals – I’m calling it.

  • Chase Thomas

    AdoubleG, how long you’ve been a fan of the Celtics is not important. What is that Danny Ainge has not done a good job of getting more young pieces for when this team ultimately is blown up in the next 2 years. Also, those 1,2 and 3 teams they knocked off didn’t have three superstars on one squad either. LeBron no longer as Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison to back him up, and have you already forgotten that Wade going off for 40+ in game 4 of last year.

    Celtics are in a very bad position going forward youth wise. Which could lead them to going back to where they were before McHale gave Garnett away.

    John, it’s not trash talk it’s just facts. The C’s are going to break down and don’t have the young players to pick up the slack. The minutes are going to catch up with these guys like they already have with Allen and Garnett.

    Travis O’Deane, I don’t what article you’re looking at but I didn’t catch any spelling errors. And if you honestly believe this Celtics team is better then last year then I don’t want to tell you because your mind is made up that this team of old veterans can just play extended minutes these days, but they can’t. Allen was pretty terrible on the offensive side, but defensively he was critical to the C’s perimeter defense and would of been huge come playoff time again. Everything I’ve read about Avery Bradley is that he isn’t close to being ready so I don’t see him getting very many minutes if any at all.

    West would be a good pick up for the C’s, but Fernandez doesn’t really fill a need on that squad. West would be the better fit.

    And that’s fine if you predict the Celtics hold it together for one more playoff run but the simple fact of the matter is everyone is going to say they have one more year every year until this team finally is eliminated early and I believe this is that year.

    • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      I disagree with you Chase, as I wrote in my follow-up post to this one: http://bucketsoverbroadway.com/2010/08/05/shaq-to-boston-smaht-or-not-smaht/

      With the Celtics literally having gotten to within minutes of a championship, they’ve gotta play for the present. Maybe they will end up falling apart this season, but with them having gotten so close you can’t just give up on a veteran team to rebuild. Plus with Rondo at point and Perkins at center, the two toughest positions to fill in the NBA, one could easily argue that Boston’s actually in a pretty darn good position to rebuild in two years. That’s a core that many teams would be envious of, and sadly before this solid Knick summer the last time we had such good young building blocks was when we drafted that kid Patrick Ewing a quarter century ago…

  • Chase Thomas

    Alex, I understand that Ainge has no choice but to keep this team together because financially they are pretty tied up for a few more years, but when Ainge traded for Garnett and Allen he should known they’d only be at the top of their game for a couple years at most. Ainge has no options when these veterans fall apart this season, which is why I feel the way I do about the 2010 Celtics.

    And point guard is actually becoming one of the easiest positions to fill as most teams around the league are pretty solid in the point guard slot. Centers, however, are hard to come by and Perkins is one of the few legitimate centers in the game today, which is why Howard is as dominant as he is.

    I really just don’t see this team making any noise this season.

  • Travis O’Deane

    I was most definitely reading your article. I think your errors are evident from these excerpts…

    “…due to how how old this team is.”
    “…somehow turn it on come playoff team?”
    “There has to come a point where there age…”

    Most recently…
    “Travis O’Deane, I don’t what article you’re looking at…”

    I think I made my point.

  • Dan

    I see from your ” buckets over Broadway” title you must be from NY. When was the last time you got to the playoff, let alone the finals, even wiht your youth? Again “youth is wasted on the young’.

  • Travis O’Deane

    Agreed. Knicks suck. Most impotantly sports writing may not be for you. Celtics will undoubtedly be better this year like I said before. I believe in the health of KG and I expect more jump shots from him and I don’t see Ray playing any worse. Rondo is sure to be better and his experience with the national team will pay obvious benifits. I do agree that the point is east to fill in recent years do to rule changes about hand checking on the perimeter – I.E. Parker leading all players in points in the paint a few years ago. Rondo is smart and had got the skill to lead a team with average talent and the Celtics have eay more than that. Shaq will be great in Green! Big Baby and Shaq in the paint will yield more rebounds than last year. I don’t understand you critique of the move for Shaq at all, Chase.

    • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Dan & Travis,

      While I disagree with Chase’s assertion that the Shaq signing was bad (and I wrote why in a separate post on this blog), I don’t quite get what the Knicks sucking has anything to do with anything. By the way, I’m not disagreeing with y’all that the Knicks have sucked. Man, they’ve sucked so hard this last decade that they put vacuums to shame. But because a team sucks, does that mean their fans become morons? Dan, did your opinions become more valuable from 2007 to 2008 when the Celts went from winning like 23 games into getting the ring?

      And Travis, while I most certainly like the signing, I think saying the Celts will undoubtably be better this season is a pretty big assumption. As you say, Rondo should pretty certainly improve at least a bit. Garnett “could” improve if he truly can get healthier, but at his age and with his mileage, it’s just as likely that he stays the same (if not worsens). On the other hand, during the regular season y’all should take a hit with Perkins likely out until February. Shaq brings more offensively to the table than Perk, but clearly Perk is a far, far superior defender at this point in their careers. I mean as defending Eastern Conference Champs, you guys get to come into the season considered the favorites in the East until a team defeats you (in the playoffs). However, to claim that this season you will “undoubtably” be better than last year’s version which was 5 minutes away from winning it all… C’mon, I’d bet even many hardcore Celts fans might have SOME doubts over that statement.