How the Mighty Have Fallen: Shaq vs. McGimpy

It’s truly remarkable how quickly things change in our beloved NBA, and for some it’s tough adapting to the change.

Both Tracy McGrady and Shaquille O’Neal are struggling to find work, but for different reasons. McGrady is struggling to get a non-guaranteed contract and Shaq wants too much money. Both were top players at one time in this league, but both have fallen and fallen hard at that.

For the past week Tracy McGrady has been hobbling around the Chicago Bulls practice facilities trying to sell the Bulls on his knees while his agent has been in talks with GM Paxon on how much ice will be present on the sidelines for McGrady.

Alright, that was a little harsh but can someone explain to me why the Bulls have even tossed around the idea of signing McGrady? New coach Thibby is a defensive guru and McGrady couldn’t guard Donnie Walsh at this point in his career. Then again, McGrady did average 9 ppg in 25 mpg while playing for us for the second half of the season last year.

Now let this sink in, Josh Howard was just re-signed by the Washington Wizards just a couple of days ago. Even the awful Josh Howard has work, but then again he’s just a pothead.

It really is sad seeing a guy with so much talent fall off so hard due to injuries, but Shaq is a whole different story.

Shaq is looking to play for a contender, but wants more then the veteran minimum. Sure, there are teams willing to spend on Shaq but those teams aren’t contenders which leaves Shaq in a dilemma.

Get the veterans minimum and play for a contender or get your high asking price and play for a loser. My prediction? Shaq is going to wise up eventually and realize if he really wants another ring he’s not getting a 2 year deal for 10 mil and will have to swallow his pride and maybe not start.

It’s getting so bad for Shaq that he’s being listed in the same sentence as Kwame Brown. Yes, the Celtics are contemplating signing one of the biggest busts in NBA history over one of the best centers in history. Kendrick Perkins is out for a couple of months into the season so Shaq would likely start and get to play for a contender, but he has to take a paycut which I don’t know if his ego can handle.

The NBA is a business which is a harsh reality for guys like Shaq and McGrady but in the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin”.

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  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Aww, Josh Howard ain’t awful. People may not like his politics or pot-smoking, but on the court his only real issue is just the same as the two big guns you mentioned: injury-prone. Besides last season when he (of course) got injured and lost a bunch of minutes due to the arrival of Shawn Marion, the previous three years he averaged between 18-20 points, regularly being the #2 man on a Dallas team that won over 60 games a season. Personally, I think Washington got a steal on the signing.

    As for why a Thibs-coached team would be interested in Tmac, well it’s cuz he was an assistant coach to Jeff Van Gundy in Houston so he has a good relationship and respects TMac. Thibs felt McGrady, an excellent passer, could perhaps give his bench a little punch. However, apparently the Bulls problem with him wasn’t that Tracy was gimpy, but more that his delusions of starting scared them off.

    Also, I haven’t heard of any losing teams willing to pay Shaq what he wants. Actually, I haven’t heard of any losing teams even being interested in him ‘cuz he’d obviously stunt the growth of their young ‘uns.

    And I do looooove Shaq and Kwame being in the same sentence.

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