Miami Super Team Becomes Reality

Yes I'm Mad

Lebron James has wimped out and chosen to tarnish his legacy forever by signing with the Miami Heat tonight.

This is possibly the the worst thing that could have happened to the NBA because it basically it ensures a Lakers/Heat finals for the next 5 years.

Lakers are now set up to control the west already for the next 5 years, but now the Heat have ensured eastern conference control by putting together this super team.

It’s absolutely disgusting to see this take place and I feel for the fans in Cleveland. If you honestly believe LeBron didn’t plan on teaming with Wade and Bosh months ago you’re insane, this has been LeBron leading everybody on for a long time. LeBron is all about LeBron and has tarnished his legacy forever.

How you might ask? Well let me explain, LeBron has now teamed up with another top 3 player in this league along with a top 20 to form a super team. Even if LeBron does win a title he’s doing with perhaps the best supporting cast in NBA history. Wade is no sidekick, he’s a former NBA champion.

One thing is for certain though, Kobe and Jordan wouldn’t pull this garbage.

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  • Angelo Maimone

    That is a typical NEW YORK attitude…If he would have signed with the Knicks you wouldn’t have said anything derogatory! Can you say…Sore loser! I’m from Miami, my family is from NY. I can tell you this…With or without James, the heat would have been set up to dominate the east! LeBron might actually hinder that unless he can understand that he is now Wade’s Pippen! As far as tarnishing his legacy…Did Shaq tarnish his legacy when he went to L.A.? NO! LeBron will be fine and true fans follow the player…not the Team! I was a Jordan fan when he was in Chicago and when he was in Washington! Cleveland should have set them selves up to keep LeBron… Miami has been setting themselves up for this for the last 4 years! Be thorough and know your job. Chase Thomas obviously doesn’t!

  • Lamont

    Dude talked about he wanted to build his brand, only to crap on his home state and belittle himself by going to miami. How can you have the ball in your hands for seven years then say, “I don’t want it pass the rock for then five or so”… he’s a mess, his management team screwed him…thinking in a young state of mind. They didn’t think it out clearly they only thought of the stage presence and not what comes afterwards. Good luck lebron hope you get your titles but you really did it the wrong way.