Anthony Randolph for David Lee Swap?

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Not sure how excited I am about this. I was into getting Monta Ellis ‘cuz we need a shooting guard, but if we’re gonna double up on PFs (meaning adding Randolph after we already have Amar’e), I’d rather keep Lee. Yes, Randolph has two advantages:
    1. Much cheaper, leaving us with more of a chance to potentially sign Tony Parker & Carmelo next season,
    2. Due to Randolph’s athleticism there’s a “chance” he could end up better than Lee.
    However Lee has the following pros:
    1. Beloved in NYC
    2. We know he’ll work hard (versus Randolph has seriously underachieved)
    3. Lee a better outside shooter which is key in D’Antoni’s system
    4. Better rebounder to help out Amar’e (who isn’t a great rebounder)
    5. Lee’s bigger contract a better trade chip for top players with large contracts (any deal involving us trading Randolph would have to include us throwing in other players to make the salaries close enough).
    6. Lee a definite trade commodity, versus if Randolph still can’t produce after being given a new chance here then he starts going down the Kwame Brown/Darko path and loses all value.

    Truth is, my favorite part about the deal is probably the additional contracts we might get of Ronny Turiaf (a solid tough shot-blocking backup center) and Kelenna Azabuike (a cheap, potentially very good starting SG for us).

  • Chase Thomas

    Eh, I wouldn’t like this if it was just for Randolph, but like you said adding Turiaf and Azabuike would be nice.

    Randolph is going to flourish in this system just like Lee, just at a cheaper at a price.

    Going to miss Lee a lot though. =/