Buckets Over Broadway Mentioned On ESPN2 Today!

Apparently everyday SportsNation names a site they like, and their associate producer, Chris Healey, wrote that today “Buckets over Broadway” is their big winner.  Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of this before the initial airing at 4pm ET (1pm PT) on ESPN2.  However, I believe it’s also going to be on tonight at midnight eastern (so 9pm for the west coasters).  As I can’t get ESPN2 where I am, if someone could record the segment for me, I’d really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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  • Chase Thomas

    Yes! I didn’t tune into today but I’ll be recording it for tonight.

  • Brian

    Some well-deserved recognition for you guys. I love this site and your posts.
    And on a side note: WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THURSDAY??? Its driving me crazy… anything is possible… including my Blazers getting cp3 (let me dream).

  • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Thanks, Brian. We appreciate the kudos and the regular comments.

    As for Thursday, I dunno if I think there will be all these sudden things that’ll happen. Like yes, the contracts that’ve already been agreed to, like Amar’e’s and Joe Johnson’s will be signed, but I don’t think the other free agents are just waiting to announce their intentions until they’ll be able to officially sign.

    LeBron I believe is just waiting ‘cuz even if he has decided what he wants (which I’m not sure he has), he doesn’t want it to overshadow his current camp for younger players.

    Bosh is waiting to see what LeBron and Wade will do (or if he can get a sign-and-trade to Houston).

    Meanwhile, Wade I think is just having a tough time deciding. Although if I’m him, as I believe I mentioned in some post, I’d get the jump on LeBron and decide if he wants to stay in Miami or go to Chicago ‘cuz then he can get Bosh to follow him. Versus if LeBron decides first then Bosh might join him.

    As for CP3… Oh wait, you said to let you dream, so yeah, I think he’ll be joining y’all any day now. Hell, since he’d be a trade rather than a signing, I think it’s possible he even gets traded to you guys TODAY. I’d start celebrating right now.