Knicks eliminated from LeBron Race?

  • Lamont

    I can’t even believe that they went in this meeting an insulted this guy….this is the king psssst!! F@$King only 11.5 mill come on ….you know what? I’m starting to wonder if it was Isiah that really destroyed this franchise the past couple of years… in the heck could you low ball this guys..At least Miami chopped their roster up and made a statement and what the knicks do? draft a couple of nobody knows in the draft…OMG!!!!!!
    And I had all but hope this would be a turn in century for my knicks …. now I am teary eyed and feel I can do alot more than the GM with what I’ve seen in the past two years……..LORD LORD LORD. now what do we have to fall back on? we gave everything valuable away for nothing back…..I am so heated!!!!!!!!

  • Personwithactualknicksknowledge

    Gave what away? Zach and Jamal? We would have maybe won 40 games with them and then what? Get shattered in the first round? The smart play was to do what Donnie did and take a gamble. If we strike out, big deal – we have plenty of other options. Amare is better than Bosh and that would be a coup if we get his name in ink. Add a Tony Parker and Mike Miller and we are a scary team in the East. If LeBron stays then no big deal – he’s a pussy and he’ll have fun losing to us in the second round.

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      I’m with you that it was great to get rid of Zach & Jamal. The only potentially bad thing that Donnie did was the Jeffries/Hill/picks trade. Potentially Hill could be good, plus swapping next year’s pick and losing the subsequent pick in 2012 means that we no longer have the potential of the draft as a saving grace. If we do get Amar’e and/or others, then fine, we likely wouldn’t end up in the lottery anyway. However, if we get no one, we can’t follow the Oklahoma City/Portland building route of sucking to get good lottery picks.

      That said, I think it was probably a risk Walsh had to take because improving through the lottery takes a bunch of luck (see Brandon Roy being picked 6th, while other teams take Adam Morrison, Sheldon Williams, Tyrus Thomas & Andrea Bargnani ahead of him).

  • lamont

    Yep gave away jamal I don’t care about zach he wasnt living up to his potential at the time…. but if we had draft picks I really think it would of helped for the future. Now we must spend big money on unworthy free agents…..if we fail to land at least two second tier free agents its a waste of salary dumping for the last two years and sacrificing with horrible seasons. Aahhhh!!!!!