Drafting With Donnie Part Three

Oh Donnie

Another Donnie Walsh draft blunder has come and passed and yet again we have to sit back and take it because Walsh cannot be judged until after this free agency passes on.

In the latest installment of this apparent never-ending saga, Walsh drafted Landry Fields and Andy Rautins; two players were not even projected to be drafted in a lot of expert mocks.

Here are some players Walsh passed on;

1) Lance Stephenson
2) Jarvis Varnado
3) Gani Lawal
4) Devin Ebanks
5) Jerome Jordan (Later bought him)
6) Solomon Alabi
7) Paulo Prestes

All of which would have been better picks.

Andy Rautins is a very raw basketball player with ties to the NY area, which may ultimately be the main component in the pick. Rautins is a shooter with a poor passing ability and little experience in the PG role. Rautins is a huge project with little hope of ever being D’Antoni’s rotation.

Landry Fields is a poor man’s Richard Jefferson and another project at a position we don’t have a need for. Rautins at least is in the right system to maybe have success, but Fields just benefited from a weak Pac-10 this season.

It’s truly sickening look back over the past three drafts to see how much better off we’d be for this offseason if we didn’t have such an incompetent GM. To think we could have Eric Gordon, Brandon Jennings, Chase Budinger, Jarvis Varnado, and Lance Stephenson makes my stomach turn.

So, who’s ready to start taking bets on who’s traded first this season, Andy Rautins or Landry Fields?

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  • Evan I

    You couldn’t have been more dead wrong with your talk on Rautins. A big project with poor passing ability? College basketball analysts like Jay Bilas will tell you that his game has developed very well and he’s a tremendous passer. ALSO, he has had 5 years at Syracuse (red-shirted one due to injury) and he played on the Canadian national team against the best in the world….the kid is not a project of any sort. He can literally be inserted into the game at any time and I would feel comfortable with him giving the team a jolt with a big three pointer. How is Rautins raw? Can you explain this? I dont understand…obviously you haven’t followed his career at Syracuse/done your homework on him as you should have. You sound like another joe-shmo who just looks at the mock drafts/rankings and basically thinks that if he wasn’t “supposed” to be drafted this high then its a bad pick. WRONG…perfect system for Rautins and he will flourish in it.

  • Bryan T

    You clearly do not have any clue what you are talking about. You should be fired, as should the person who allows you to post such nonsense.

  • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Wait a sec, Chase, you just spent a week trying to convince me that Toney Douglas could be really good, and now you’re saying Walsh made a mistake by taking him over Chase Buddinger? I mean, Buddinger was decent last year, but it ain’t like he was something special. And I’m not sure I’m with you in saying that Eric Gordon would’ve been a better pick than Gallinari. They’ve both been pretty good, and maybe you’ll end up being right, but it’s definitely too early to say that was clearly a mistake.

  • Chase Thomas

    Evan I-

    Wow, it’s quite clear you’re either a Syracuse fan or homer, but if you believe Rautins isn’t a raw prospect then I don’t know what to tell you. Rautins is not capable of playing the point in this league and has no chance of ever matching up with any 2 guards. Rautins is not going to see time on this team and will be used sparingly.

    Bryant T-

    Sorry you feel that way.


    I was arguing trading for Collison when you have a player like Douglas already wouldn’t be worth it, but I would of much rather taken Budinger. Budinger is a solid role player who can shoot almost as well as Gallo, but actually plays some defense.

    You also didn’t mention trading our lottery pick the SAME season we drafted him. Walsh didn’t do his homework and panicked after Curry was gone and passed on one of the best young PG’s in the game in Jennings.

    Walsh could of built a solid young team while getting ready for this summer, but instead he’s fallen flat on his face with three straight draft blunders.

  • Evan I

    Yes I am a Syracuse fan (and alum)…and fact of the matter is I know my product and have watched Rautins for the past 5 years. What have you done? I assume watched him once or twice a year when you catch a ‘Cuse game on ESPN?

    There is no need for debate because we are both speculating about his future. However, you should jump on the Rautins bandwagon now because every single person who has watched this kid closely at ‘Cuse knows the type of player he can become in the NBA. He is not raw..someone who is referred to as raw means they have a lot of growing to do and eventually will develop their game. Rautins has developed for 5 years and has never been better. He is not a bad passer like you add (once again, watch some film), and he is not in-experienced. He will be a 1/2 mix that will come off the bench and create the spark the Knicks need game in and and game out.

  • Chase Thomas

    Actually I’ve watched a lot of Rautins over the years and how has game has gradually changed.

    Rautins has no athleticism and is going to get torched on defense in this league. He’s not capable of guarding any 2 guards in the NBA and has a lot to develop before he sees the court.

    Also, Rautins is a weak passer but it doesn’t matter because he can’t play point guard.

    I guess we’re going to just have to agree to disagree right now, but I’m pretty confident Rautins is not going to make any noise on this team.

  • GoUT120

    Would I be wrong in saying the Knicks maybe had the worst draft of anyone? Landry Fields isn’t all that bad, but Andy Rautins being picked was hilarious. People defending him have to be either a ‘Cuse fan, a troll, or both.

  • Evan I

    Andy Rautins pick being hilarious? Your an idiot…listen to Cuse fans who have watched this player non stop. Listen to college basketball analysts who think hes going to step in and be a great role player in the NBA. This kid has already played in the Big East for 5 seasons (redshirted after a couple games one season) and played for the Canadian national team against the USA’s best. He can compete. I think you my friend need to watch some tape of Rautins.

  • Chase Thomas

    He was the wrong pick at that spot, there is no debating that. He fills no need on this team just like Fields. Both were bad picks. Rautins would have gone undrafted if we didn’t reach on him.

    Jarvis Varnado and Solomon Alabi should have been the picks and would have filled needs unlike the two Walsh picked.