Stephen A. Smith Thinks Lebron is Leaning Towards NY

Quite Frankly, I miss this guy

There has been a new rumor released by former ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, a New York native, on where Lebron is leaning on signing and that is the New York Knicks.

“From what my sources tell me, he still hasn’t made a final decision, but he’s higher on New York now than he was a month ago,” Stephen A. Smith told ESPN Radio on Friday. “And the reality is that he is leaning more towards New York than he is towards returning to Cleveland.”

Smith added that the sources said James’ advisers have been asking “very in-depth questions” about the Knicks organization and that the superstar may not sign with Chicago because he doesn’t want to compete with Michael Jordan’s legacy.

Another possible free agent, Chris Bosh, told SNY on Thursday he was considering the Knicks and would not wait for James to make a decision where to sign.

Credit: New York Post

Interesting rumor to say the least.

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  • Brian

    I agree… very interesting. Whatever happened to that dude? I got a kick out of him.

    Anyway, I’m curious if Bosh would be willing to play alongside a Wade or Lebron. From the interviews I’ve seen of him, it seems like he really enjoys being the top-dog on his team, and wants to be that guy on any team he goes to. i.e. the first video in this (which you all have probably seen already)

    your thoughts?

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    In the middle of the season TrueHoop did an article that talked about how Bosh wanted to be The Man, so I figured there’d be no way he’d come to NY w/LeBron (I think I may’ve even posted that somewhere on the site). However, I got the impression that after the Raps failed to even make the post-season that he no longer was quite so adamant about it. So I was surprised to see that “current” article where he claimed in even stronger terms that he wouldn’t be a #2. But then if you look closely at that article, you’ll see:

    “I don’t want to be mentioned as an addition to a team,” Bosh said PRIOR to the season [video below].

    All the actual quotes are from before the season, the only thing that makes reference to recent thoughts is:

    Bosh hasn’t changed that stance, adding recently that he’s making his decision separate from LeBron James or anyone else.

    But they offer no quotes from now where he states that. Sportswriters looove to turn innocuous little statements into stories. So like if he was asked, “Are you gonna make your decision based on what LeBron does?” Of course he’d say, “No, I’m going to make my decision based on what’s right for me and my family.” That ain’t the same as saying “I’m not interested in playing with him.” Likewise if they asked him if he still thinks he can be the #1 option on a championship team, of course he’d still say yes.

    Anyway, the point is that in the last few months I haven’t read any quotes (or seen any videos) where he’s come out and reiterated those thoughts, so I think he’s now much more open to the possibility. I mean when he did that video segment it was the beginning of the year and people thought the Raps could end up as high as #4 in the Eastern Conference.

    That said, if he does wanna be #1 AND have a shot at a ring, I think Chicago is actually a much more intriguing option for him than LeBron (both LBJ and Rose like to slash, so they duplicate each other a bit. Plus Bosh has never played with a strong defensive center who can rebound, so he’s gotta be greatly intrigued about the help he’d get from Noah down low).