David Lee for Tony Parker Swap?

There have been tons of recent reports that link Tony Parker with the Knicks, but most not having much of a foundation on how Parker would end up with the Knicks.

Well, the Knicks can count their players returning on one hand and the Spurs are trying to get younger. With the emergence of George Hill and with Parker in the last year of his contract Parker is slowly getting more and more available. Personally, I think moving Parker would be absurd considering he is still relatively young and a former Finals MVP and has flourished in Popp’s system, but the Spurs are old and desperately need to get younger, and out of the big 3 Parker is going to be the easiest to move.

The Knicks could possibly throw in one our two useless second round picks along with David Lee in a sign-and-trade after July 1 to help persuade this summer’s free agent class to sign with us.

Alan Hahn from Newsday has already speculated that Lee for Parker is certainly a possibility, and it surprisingly would make a lot of sense for both teams.

The Spurs drafted their PF of the future in Dejuan Blair last season, and after the failed McDyess experiment the Spurs need another big body to complete with the Lakers in the West. Duncan is a center, regardless of what he is listed as and starting him at the 5 with Lee/Blair at the 4 would match up quite well with the Lakers, which is the ultimate goal.

Now on the Knicks side of things adding Parker is a huge risk because he only has a year left on his contract, but at the same time players in their contract years typically play at their highest level so that is certainly a plus. Our current squad lacks veteran leadership and Parker would provide that. Adding Parker and two max free agents would easily propel the Knicks to the top of the Eastern Conference.

So if both teams get better, why not?

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  • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Chase, one little thing. If we were to do a sign-and-trade of Lee for TP, because of Tony’s salary we wouldn’t then have space to sign two max guys. Just one with maybe I dunno, like $5 million left. And if we do get one of our top max guys (LeBron or Wade) both are big ball handlers, so it’s conceivable we might be better off pairing them with Lee (or some free agent big) rather than Mr.Longoria.

    Also on the San Antonio side, if the goal is to match up defensively against the Lakers, I can’t see Lee being that effective at stopping Gasol (or if he played center, then Bynum).

  • Martin

    If they trade Lee for Parker they can only sign 1 max free agent.

  • Chase Thomas

    I’m pretty sure we’d still be capable of signing two max free agents.

    • http://bucketsoverbroadway.com Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      No, as I mentioned, we wouldn’t be anywhere near being able to sign 2 max. Parker makes $13.5. Assuming we let Sergio & JR walk, but keep Walker from walkin’, we’d have about $18.6 in guaranteed contracts, add in Parkers $13.5, that’s $32.1. Since that’s only 5 players, and the NBA requires a minimum of 12 players on the roster, there would need to be 7 “phantom” players.

      However, through a nice little loophole, I’m pretty certain second rounders count as players to get to that 12, but they don’t count against the cap (until they sign a contract) since there’s no official pay scale for the second rounders. Which, I neglected to mention when I wrote about second rounders, is probably the real reason Donnie Walsh wants to trade for two more of ‘em. Let’s say he succeeds, so with 4 second rounders, we’d be up to 9 players on our roster and then would only need 3 “phantoms.” Phantoms are given cap holds of $473,604 (which we’ll just round to $.5 mill for simplification). That’s just $1.5 mill, getting us up to $33.6.

      The 2010-11 cap is projected at $56.1, meaning we’d have $22.5 available. With max starting salaries expected to be around $16.5, we’d be able to sign only one and then have $6 mill left (hey, my $5 mill approximation above was a pretty good guess!).

      The only way we could trade for Parker AND still sign two maxs is if we traded Curry for him. And San Antonio would only do that if they’ve decided to give up going for a championship one last time and just want to get rid of as many salaries as possible. I don’t see them doing that. Or at least they’d want to wait a month or two into next season to see how the team’s looking before they go for the garage sale approach.

  • rubrdz

    Negative….we still need Parkers speed. Parker played better than Hill in the playoffs. Hill still needs lots of work.

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  • bdiddy

    George Hill is vastly improved from his rookie year, but is not yet ready to run a team full time. David Lee is awesome, but a little too similar to Blair to consider this a deal worth making.

    The most available Spur is Richard Jefferson, but the only way he is dumped is if the Spurs take on more money in the long run

  • Chuck

    Sorry NY, I believe TP will be right here next year. The NBA is about making money, and TP is a huge draw in San Antonio, along with Manu and Tim. The general feeling (and quoted from Parker) is that this team has one more shot at a title, and they want that shot. Pop will fill in the blanks with some incredible guy no one ever heard of – and, if we can keep everyone healthy, be on our way again. I believe Pop’s focus here will be in getting someone who can rest Tim. When a coach wants to make the finals, he’s probably not going to swap one of the three players on the board that got him to the last 3. However, we do wish the NY well – San Antonio fans love the match up with you guys when both teams are healthy and competitive.

  • Matta

    Should Tiago Splitter sign with the Spurs, then there is no need for the Spurs to get Lee. If they did, they would have an overcrowded frontcourt (Duncan, McDyess, Splitter, Blair, Bonner (maybe), Lee) and give up an all-star pg in Parker for that traffic jam. With the current Knicks roster, their is no advantage for the Spurs to trade Parker.