Breaking Down the General Manager Candidates

Knicks Reunion On the Horizon?

Donnie Walsh has already made it known that he will not name a GM until after this summer’s free agent frenzy, but there are already a few candidates on Walsh’s radar.

Walsh’s short list consists of Chris Mullin and Kiki Vandeweghe, but perhaps Walsh needs to look in another direction to take on the GM role.

Mullin was the Golden State Warriors GM from 2004-2009 after the Warriors didn’t renew his contract.

Now let us take a look at Mullin’s track record, but let me warn you it’s absolutely awful.

    Mullin’s Failures:

*Named Mike Montgomery head coach
*Selected forward Andris Biedrins (11th overall pick).
*Traded guard Nick Van Exel to the Portland Trail Blazers for guard Dan Dickau and center Dale Davis
* Re-signed center Erick Dampier and traded him with guard Dan Dickau, center Evan Eschmeyer and the draft rights to guard Steve Logan to the Dallas Mavericks for forwards Eduardo Najera and Christian Laettner, the draft rights to guard Luis Flores and forward Mladen Sekularac, two first-round picks and cash.
* Traded two second-round picks to the Phoenix Suns for forward Zarko Cabarkapa and waived forward Ansu Sesay.
* Selected forwards Ike Diogu (9th overall pick) and Chris Taft (42nd overall pick) and guard Monta Ellis (40th overall pick).
* Selected centers Patrick O’Bryant (9th overall pick) and Kosta Perovic (38th overall pick).
* Traded guard Derek Fisher to the Utah Jazz for guards Devin Brown, Keith McLeod and Andre Owens.
* Named Don Nelson head coach.
*Traded guard Jason Richardson and the draft rights to forward Jermareo Davidson to the Charlotte Bobcats for the draft rights to forward Brandan Wright and cash.
*Selected guard Marco Belinelli (18th overall pick) and forwards Jermareo Davidson (36th overall pick) and Stephane Lasme (46th overall pick).
* Signed head coach Don Nelson to a new contract.
* Signed guard Troy Hudson.
* Selected forwards Anthony Randolph (14th overall pick) and Richard Hendrix (49th overall pick).
* Signed guard Corey Maggette and signed forward Ronny Turiaf to an offer sheet.
* Traded a conditional first-round pick to the New Jersey Nets for guard Marcus Williams.

    Mullin’s Positives:

* Traded guard Speedy Claxton, center Dale Davis and cash to the New Orleans Hornets for guard Baron Davis; traded guard Luis Flores, forward Eduardo Najera and a 2007 first-round pick to the Denver Nuggets for forwards Rodney White and Nikoloz Tskitishvili.

So, in regards to the St. Johns legend, sorry, but no thank you.

    Kiki Vandeweghe:

I’m not going to dive in depth into Kiki’s moves just because he’s only been a GM for a few years and didn’t destroy a franchise like Mullin did with the Warriors.

Kiki drafted Carmelo Anthony in 2003, traded for Camby in 2002, hired George Karl, and traded for Kenyon Martin.

Kiki has worked for the Nets recently, and showed how awful of a head coach he is this past season, but luckily he’d just be Walsh’s puppet in New York and not have to worry about the coaching side of things. Kiki drafted well for the Nets by drafting Terrence Williams, Brook Lopez, etc.

Kiki really hasn’t proven much in this league, but if I have to chose between these two I’m taking Kiki and I think Walsh will too.

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  • Brian

    Sad to say it as an Oregonian, but… maybe he should hold out for a guy named Kevin Pritchard… :)

  • Brian
  • Chase Thomas

    I’d love Pritchard, but I doubt Walsh goes with someone he’s not familiar with.

  • zuzu

    What?? Biedrins a Fail?? He has given the Warriors a lot of good solid work over the years and a truly professional, positive attitude that, as far as I can see, was the sole reason he developed as a player. He certainly got no support from the organization, and it’s not his fault the coaches couldn’t create a normal team so Biedrins could play normally. Yet he NEVER complained. On a normal team, he would have been key to a championship. You move that pick into the Positives right now.

    And where do you get off labeling Monta Ellis as a fail? He is a very good player. Maybe you need to look at his stats.

    Also, Van Exel was toxic as a Warrior; Wright and Randolph were perfectly good signs in themselves; and Turiaf has been a competent role player.

    Furthermore, it’s not like Mullins had a free hand in anything at Golden State. He may be weak as a GM, but so’s your analysis.

  • Chase Thomas

    Biedrens, a key to championship team? I’m sorry but it’s quite clear you’re a Warriors homer. Also, look at where he was drafted, 11th overall. He has never lived up to expectations and nothing more then a role player.

    And Mullins lucked out on Ellis, as you can on his two first round picks that year which were both absolutely awful. Ellis has been solid, but Mullins lucked out on him.

    Van Exel was toxic? Eh, I don’t agree with that along with trading him for Dickau and Davis. It was another awful trade on Mullins watch.

    Wright has been a huge disappointment, and in regards to Randolph it’s still too early to tell.

    Turiaf was an awful signing for Don Nelson’s signing, but Turiaf is a solid big man in the wrong system and that falls on Mullin.

  • Mr. Mean

    Whoa, Chase ! Yes Mully did make a few baddies, but Turiaf, Randolph, Biedrins, Ellis as failures ? And it was Rowell who re-signed Nelly, no?
    Otherwise,good information,and yes, I would not hire him either !

  • Chase Thomas

    Turiaf was an awful fit for Nelson’s system. I’m not saying he’s a bad player but a bad pick up.

    Randolph is a a pretty overrated prospect as well, and Biedrens was the 11th overall pick and has not come close at all to reaching his ceiling.

    Ellis was a second rounder and really was just luck.

    Mullin also ok’d resigning Nelson, so I actually place most of the blame on Mullin for crippling that franchise.

  • j crabtree

    The Good:
    Biedrins at the 11 pick is not bad. He is a solid center.
    Monta Ellis in the 2nd round was an absolute steal!!! The dude averages about 25ppg.
    I bet Anthony Randolph pans out to be a good move.
    Getting Harrington and Stephan Jackson for Murphy and Dunleavy was a good, solid move.

    More of the bad:
    Massive Contracts for:
    The legendary Adonal Foyle
    The journeyman Troy Murphy
    The underachieving Mike Dunleavy
    Overpaying Jason Richardson then trading him for Brandon Wright!
    Signing Corey M. from the Clippers for 5/50 million. Sure am glad we didn’t use that money on our point guard B. Davis. You have to wonder what he was thinking when rumors of a Maggette trade started about 1 month into his first season. Great move.

  • Celestine Arum

    Interesting discussion, when some of Mullin’s draft picks excels people call it luck. BTW,Name a single player Mullin traded who went somewhere else and became a star. The Warrior’s best season in recent history happened with the players he drafted or signed. You need to do your research before before you writing an opinion about something.