Nate Robinson Taking Shots At Knicks Again

In a recent interview with AOL Fanhouse, former Knick Nate Robinson took shots at his former team once again, but this time dragging David Lee into this as well.

Now let us dive into the highlights of the interview.

“I’m here now and David, this summer time, he’s looking forward to playing on a team that would want him hopefully,” Robinson told the website.

I guess I missed where Walsh made it clear he didn’t want to bring Lee back? Walsh has always had nothing but positive things to say towards Lee. The issue has always been whether or not we’d be able to afford him this summer, and that is still in question. Lee is an outstanding role player, but he’s not a max contract player. Last offseason I think opened his eyes into his value in the open market, which is why I think he’ll end up staying for a reasonable price so he can finally play with a good cast.

“I wish the best for D. Lee. Me and him came (to New York) as late first-round picks (Robinson going No. 21 and Lee No. 30 in 2005). We were rookies together. Almost five years on the same team … and then not getting the, I don’t want to say, the respect that we deserved. We paid our dues. But some time this summer (a team will be able) to pay homage to us, I guess.”

Now this is what really got me. Paid your dues? Respect you deserve? Nate, buddy, you are a role player at best and one of the most inconsistent players in the league. You were never disrespected here and were actually a fan favorite to most. Just because you experienced multiple losing seasons doesn’t mean you’re entitled to stick around. You weren’t in our long term plans, but Lee is. No need to be bitter because you’re in a better situation now and have a chance at a ring.

Move on.

  • Dallas moving help

    Hopefully Nate gets a dose of reality this offseason. The guy is just too immature to keep his mouth shut.

  • Reggie44

    Are you serious? You must have got beat up by a lot of girls growing up if you think that is a player taking shots at a team. Your hero Marbury is an expert at taking shots at the Knicks. Nate gave an honest answer about him and Lee being unrestricted free agents for the first time. This headline and blog=fail

  • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

    Regarding David Lee, I don’t think he ever thought he was a max player, but I think he was/is hoping to get say $10 mil/year. Last off-season there just weren’t a lot of teams with cap space, which is part of the reason why say Carlos Boozer decided not to become a free agent. This summer, with all the teams cutting payroll to gear up for free agency, I think Lee will get some good offers. Plus last year he was a restricted free agent, so I think some teams were hesitant to tie up their cap space, not knowing if the Knicks might match. My guess is he’s gonna go where the money is, and that while we’re waiting for decisions (aka rejections) from LeBron, et al, that we’re gonna lose him.

  • Chase Thomas

    My hero Marbury? The only thing I’ve said about Marbury is that he has a right to have beef with our front office, Nate doesn’t.

    Nate has repeatedly taken shots at this front office for trading him to his desired location, and a chance at a ring. It was nothing personal moving Nate, he just wasn’t a fit for us going forward and he needs to grow up and understand this is a business.