Phil Jackson On His Way Out Of L.A.?

With recent rumblings around ESPN of Phil Jackson possibly leaving Los Angeles after this season most do not understand the importance of this decision for all the teams in the free agent frenzy this summer, like our beloved Knicks.

Jordan, Kobe, Lebron..?

Phil Jackson is on the verge of winning his 11th NBA title, 5 with the Lakers, and currently married to Jerry Buss’s daughter, but the possibility of him leaving L.A. actually makes a lot of sense in my mind and maybe even the Zen masters.

There are only two other locations that I could see tempting Jackson enough to bite for and those two are Chicago and Cleveland.

Now, Chicago has already reached out for Jackson, but don’t be surprised if this is just a way to generate more media coverage for this summer’s free agency class. The only way I see Jackson going back to Chicago is if LeBron bolts from Cleveland to Chicago. However, for this to happen Lebron would have to first sign with Chicago, not vice versa.

My gut is still telling me, however, that Lebron is staying put in Cleveland with the recent departure of the absolutely horrible coach in Mike Brown. Ferry is going to do everything in his power to keep Lebron in his hometown.

Phil Jackson has coached perhaps the two greatest players to ever play the game, and if the chance for him to coach the next best thing, why would Phil want to pass that up?

Granted, seeing Lebron in the triangle offense would be odd, but the opportunity to coach the best player in the game today may be too much for Phil to pass up, which is why I think now wherever Phil lands just might be where Lebron lands.

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  • Wayne Chan

    I’m a Lakers fan and would hate to lose Jackson. However, one of the possibilities he has a coach that no ones seems to be hyping is a return to New York as a coach. As a member of the last team to bring a championship to New York as a player, how amazing would it be to close out his career and complete the story by winning championship in the Big Apple as a coach. Again, this largely depends on the Knicks persuading LBJ as well as Bosh to sign up. It’s a lot of moving parts, but it just might work.

  • Chase Thomas

    Nah, as much as I’d love to have him over Pringles Walsh isn’t getting rid of D’Anotoni anytime soon.

  • George B.

    why the f*** leave the lakers?

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      George, the Lakers have talked about cutting Phil’s salary from $12 mill to $5 mill next year, which could cause him to not re-sign. But then he’d most likely retire. I believe he said that if he decides to coach again next season, there’s a 90% chance it’ll be with the Lakers. I guess the 10% gave Chicago and New Jersey some hope, so they inquired into his status.