Tony Parker Talks Heating Up

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen countless rumors surfacing about the possibility of Spurs point guard Tony Parker being interested in being traded to the Knicks this summer. Now, Parker has publicly denied these reports, but there have been multiple reports surfacing that counter his claims.

A Perfect Fit

When Isola first reported Parker might have interest in New York, I didn’t take it for much, but with these new reports coming from multiple sources that spoke with newsday perhaps there is some truth to Parker’s New York interest.

There’s just one problem; we have no trading pieces. I really have no earthly idea how we could for Parker without giving up more picks and Eddy Curry’s expiring. Parker would be an incredible addition to this squad and if Walsh somehow finds a way to land Parker it could really set the tone for the rest of the Knicks summer.

We desperately need a solid PG to play within this system and Parker fills that void. I’m just not so sure the Spurs are sold enough on Hill that they’d be willing to move a former Finals MVP for a young, inexperienced George Hill. Hill is a solid player, but I really don’t see his ceiling ever reaching Parker’s.

If Walsh lands Parker, that covers a major need for this team and really puts us in a good position for this summer.

Get it done Donnie.

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  •, Anuj Agarwal

    Parker is undoubtedly a big get, but he will eat up cap space in the same vein as a free agent. Would you rather have Parker or Joe Johnson? In my humble opinion, the Knicks would be well served by trying to lock up JJ first. He would fit in with Lebron, Bosh, Boozer, Amare, or David Lee nicely. If I was Donnie Walsh, I’d try my hardest to bring Bosh/Johnson to NY (after making sure LeBron isn’t coming).

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Anuj, I’m not certain I think Joe Johnson at near max salary ($16.5 mil) is better than Parker at $13.5. It’s like I think say Boozer may be a better player than David Lee, but if we can get Lee for $10 mill versus Booze for $16, I’m picking Lee every time.

      But I’m with you in your general concept that we would be better served in pursuing free agents before we make any trades. And I’m guessing Donnie Walsh also agrees with you 100% too.

      Or at least 93%.

      Good point.