Could Carmelo Anthony Be An Option?

After yet another crushing first round loss for Carmelo Anthony, one has to wonder how much longer he’s going to put up with these first round struggles.

Anthony has been in the league 7 years now and been out of the first round once. Now, let that sink in for a second. The best scorer in the league (yes, I went there) and arguably the second best overall player in the league has been out of the first round once. Anthony is just now hitting his prime and the way he plays the game he’ll be playing at this level for years to come.

But back to the Nuggets failures, anyone who actually thought the Nuggets had a shot at making any noise this postseason obviously did not look at this roster or how they play without George Karl. With Karl now dealing with throat and neck cancer his coaching tenure with the Nuggets is in serious jeopardy, and the Nuggets don’t have many options out there.

Billups and Martin come off the books soon, Nene is getting up there in age, Birdman has regressed in a major way, and JR Smith is one of the most selfish players in the game.

But the question that the Nuggets front office is going to have address very soon is whether or not Melo is going to re-sign next summer.

With all the talk surrounding this summer and what LeBron is going to do the media is forgetting one major component and that is Carmelo Anthony.
I can say with the utmost confidence the Knicks have a better chance of landing Melo then LeBron. If the Cavs don’t somehow win it all this summer, I don’t want any part of LeBron.

LeBron also has the luxury of being in the eastern conference, while Melo has to deal with one of the toughest divisions in the NBA every year.

As I’ve said before, Melo has been in the league 7 years and made it out of the first round once. If Melo does bolt to NY next summer, he could quite possibly have the luxury of playing with Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh, and who knows maybe David Lee.

Melo is rotting away in Denver, save him Donnie.

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  • mcbubba

    Nets will sign D.Lee this summer
    Nets will sign ‘Melo (Born in Brooklyn, BTW) next summer.
    Bosh is going home
    Have fun with J.Johnson and C.Boozer!

  • Chase Thomas

    I can assure you Melo will not go to the Nets. I am pretty confident, however that we will either have Bosh or Lee going into next season, not Boozer.

    I see Rudy Gay signing with the Nets this summer, and Joe and Bosh signing with us.

    Nets would have to make MAJOR improvements to lure Melo.

  • Steven

    I stopped reading after you said Melo was “arguably the second best overall player in the league”.
    The Nuggets are my pride and joy, but come on. This is horrible reporting, half of the game of basketball is DEFENSE, and Carmelo’s defense is the reason our team defense is awful. When Melo defends above normal, we’re more than capable of riding him to the WCF and probably further.

  • Steven

    To follow up, Knicks fans should stay away from Melo unless D’Antoni is sure he can control Melo the way Karl has for us, and I just don’t see that happening. If I were impartial, I’d take Bosh over Melo, any day.

  • Chase Thomas

    The Nuggets team defense isn’t awful because of Melo, and coming from a Nuggets fan this is surprising you’re placing blame on the only consistent player you have.

    Nene has regressed in a major way, K-Mart has been injured, and Birdman is awful now. Then you add in Billups struggles this season, and JR Smith’s sporadic play.

    Melo has kept this team together by himself and is the only reason the Nuggets were in the playoffs this season.

    And what do you mean by controlling Melo? Melo is a superstar and would flourish in D’Antoni’s system. He’s had a great relationship with Karl and has shown no signs of causing problems in the locker room.

    Melo is the perfect fit in this system and would instantly turn this team into contenders in the East.

  • ILoveColorado

    I love Melo and will be extremely disappointed if he leaves. I DO NOT think that he will sign with the Nets. We all know he was born in Brooklyn. You are acting as though Colorado fans don’t know their player bios. Come on!

    BTW, there is a HUGE difference between Brooklyn and New Jersey (I’ve visited both places many times). To assume that Melo wants to sign with the Nets because he’s from Brooklyn is laughable.

    Keep dreaming though. I don’t blame you – I would want Melo too. GO NUGGETS!

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy


      I agree with you that I doubt Melo will go to the Nets. But while there is a huge difference between Brooklyn and Jersey, the Nets are still supposedly moving to Brooklyn, so Melo would only be spending 1 year in NJ. That said, unless they radically transform themselves next season, it’s hard to imagine Melo having much interest in joining them.

      Although the same can be said about him coming to NYC. If he leaves yer Nugs ‘cuz he wants to win, well that don’t smell like the Knicks to me.


  • madness

    Good article, but a couple of things.
    How is Nene getting up there in age? He is the same age as your very own David Lee. And while K-Mart is coming off of the books this year, Billups, Anthony and Nene don’t come off until next year.
    And how are the Knicks, a franchise that has been one of the worst for the last seven years, going to save Melo from a consistent playoff team.
    If the Knicks do land Bosh, Johnson and David Lee, how could they even afford the Melo? (Personally, I want Bosh and Johnson in New York, that would be a sick duo but after getting that duo you need start finding role players to put around them).
    Melo leaving is something the Nuggets need (and I’m sure are) considering and they need lock his ass up and send JR packing, bring in another big and scorer off the bench.

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      Yeah madness,

      I was wondering when someone was gonna catch Chase for claiming the 27-yr-old Nene is getting old. Also, honestly, I think Kmart coming off the books next year can only help the Nugs, considering he’s getting paid about $16 mill.

      And, yes, the Knicks wouldn’t financially have a shot at Melo if they signed all 3 of them guys. However, if they sign only 2 of ‘em it could work out ‘cuz Eddy Curry’s $11 mill will be coming off the books next summer.

  • Neil

    The Knicks have a shot at Carmello only midway through the 2010-11 season, and only if they had already secured two max contracts over the summer. Then they can package Eddy Curry’s expiring contract along with either Chandler or Gallinari.
    That would give the Nuggets value while still making them a legitimate player in the summer of 2011 free-agency market.
    If the Nuggets don’t get value out of this deal, it will never happen.

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      I dunno Neil. Unless Melo tells the Nuggets in no uncertain terms that he’ll leave over the summer, there’s no way they’ll trade him mid-season. It’s like how the Raptors didn’t trade Bosh during this season, ‘cuz they’re hoping he’ll stay. In the summer of 2011, if the Knicks have the cap space, they can just sign Melo outright so there wouldn’t even need to be a deal that involved the Nuggets.

      And I don’t think getting Chandler or Gallo for Melo is really getting value out of the deal (unless he takes it to the next level this upcoming season).

      • Neil

        I don’t think the Bosh/Toronto scenario is a good comparison. The Raptors don’t really have a option B. They are counting on Bosh to stay put, hoping the possibly he is loyal to the city. Because their biggest problem is that NOBODY is loyal to Toronto, hence trading Bosh – even to a star – would mean that that the new player is already on his way out.
        Having said that, I still don’t believe the Knicks will get something meaningful this summer which means that either midseason or next summer they will still not be attractive enough for Melo to push for a trade or sign as a free agent.
        But if the Knicks are able to get two max players this summer, and Melo is disgruntled during the first quarter of the season and perhaps ask for a trade before the trade deadline, than a Gallo+Curry deal or similar will make sense to the Nuggets… a lot of ifs, I know. But as a Knick fan, that’s all I can get…

        • Bob

          Why Would u wanna trade gallo hes only getting better you would wanna package someone else keep gallo and yes get rid of curry hes doing nothing but getting a paycheck

  • DP

    I stumbled upon this post and this has got to be the dumbest sports story i’ve read in a while. I fully agree that the Nugs need to make some changes to this roster. “Nene is getting up there in age.” What? Nene has never blossomed into the player Nugs fans hoped he would but age is not his problem. Nene is 27 and this past season was the 1st time in his NBA career he’s played a full 82 game schedule. I love this quote “If the Cavs don’t somehow win it all this summer, I don’t want any part of LeBron.” If the Cavs don’t win it all this season wouldn’t that potentially help the Knicks chances of landing LeBron. This story is laughable. I needed a good chuckle this morning, thanks.

  • Chase Thomas

    Wow so lots of comments came rolling I see.

    Well, let me start off by admitting I made a mistake on Nene and just meant he’s already falling off as a player at 27 which is very concerning if you’re a nuggets fan.

    In regards to DP, you may not agree with my points but my reasoning on wanting to stick clear of lebron should be quite clear after last night. This current cavs team is probably going to be the best team not win a championship since the 2005 Lakers. Lebron quit on his team last night and looks to have mailed it in for the rest of the postseason. Obviously I’d love to have him here, but my only hesitation with him is his struggles in the playoffs with a squad as stacked as the current cavs are. If lebron bolts to NY he’s going to deal with a much weaker team and will basically have to suffer for a few seasons until Walsh assembles a championship contending team because even with Lebron this is still an average team at best.

    Neil, I agree with a majority of your points and understand your hesitations. However, if the Knicks hold on to Curry for another year they’ll be able to sign Melo outright and not have to worry about trading for Melo. Gallo won’t be dealt anytime soon so don’t worry about that as well.

    IloveColorado, If that’s all you got out of my article then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Madness, the Knicks would be able to afford Anthony next summer even if they sign two max free agents this summer. I have absolutely no idea how much Lee is going to ask for this summer, but after his free agency blunder last summer I don’t expect it to be very high. Lee deserves to be on this team if and when we turn it around, but if he’s too expensive I’m ok with letting him walk for Amare or Bosh.

  • dhardy

    New York fans are just a little bit delusional. New York taxes are some of the highest in the nation. The Yankees, Giants, & Jets get most of the love not the Knicks- been awhile since Clyde, Earl, & Willis. Most of the high profile free agents are going to steer clear of the Knicks and either remain with their current teams or go somewhere to be a big fish in a small pond. Get ready for a big dose of realty to hit this summer New Yorkers.

    • Alex David, aka Short White Boy

      I gotta say, for the most part NY fans actually aren’t that delusional. During the end of the regular season there was a video segment asking fans outside Madison Square Garden what they thought would happen during the summer, and almost all of them said they doubted LeBron would come and that if anything they were looking at Bosh and Joe Johnson. Which seems somewhat feasible to me. Although not all that exciting. So we prefer to talk about pipe dreams of LeBron and Melo, even though the educated fans know it most likely ain’t gonna happen.
      And the reason the Yankees, Giants & Jets get more love is ‘cuz they don’t suck. During the Patrick Ewing era, the Garden was sold out for like 500 years straight and there was literally like a 3-year waiting list to get season tickets. Considering how bad the team has been the last decade, it’s amazing that we still have a dozen sold-out games per season.
      You’re right about the taxes being some of the highest, although I’m not certain that’ll be a deterrent (however I do think the converse, with Florida not having ANY tax, will be a huuuge boon for Miami).
      Also, I can certainly see many (if not all) the players staying with their current team, but your statement about going to a new team to be a big fish in a small pond makes no sense to me. Are you saying that like say players are going to go to Minnesota and Sacramento, which are the few small ponds with cap space? ‘Cuz the other places with cap space are big markets like Chicago (Bulls), Los Angeles (Clippers), Washington(Wiz) and eventually Brooklyn(Nets).