Stephon Marbury Soaring in China

Ever since Marbury told the Celtics no and bolted to China, Marbury’s name has scarcely been brought up in basketball discussions. Marbury is currently signed to the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons, which he recently appeared in the CBA All-Star game. In the game, Marbury dropped 30/10 and was awarded MVP of the game.

Some another notes about Marbury is that he average 23 ppg and 10 apg in the regular season, but his team still missed the playoffs.

Marbury is absolutely huge in China and all signs point to him staying and continuing to play in China for a while. Seeing Marbury do well is bittersweet because unlike most I was a big Marbury supporter in New York.

Marbury, as we all know was never given a chance with D’Antoni and our PG play has been awful ever since. Having Marbury around today and playing at the level he’s playing in China would be critical going forward.

Just for a moment picture this lineup for this fall:


That’s definitely a possibility for this summer just subtract Marbury. Having Marbury around now would make things look a lot better for this summer. Douglas is still very young and even though he’s shown flashes of greatness, Douglas is not ready to take this team on his shoulders, which Marbury did for years.

Getting rid of Marbury is just one more mistake to add to the Walsh/D’Antoni experiment in New York.

If you’re buying into this summer’s LeBron to New York hype, I promise you, you will be disappointed in a major way.

What If..

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  • KWillis

    I don’t think you are missing much in regards to Marbury. It is not like those numbers in China translate to the NBA. Don’t get me wrong he might be an upgrade over Duhon but at what price?

  • Chase Thomas

    Marbury flourished with D’Antoni in Phoenix. Marbury knew the offense and would of excelled with him in New York like he did in Phoenix if he was given the opportunity.

    Instead, we’ve had to watch Chris Duhon, Toney Douglas, and Sergio Rodriguez struggle to handle the PG job.

    • Short White Boy

      I’m with you Chase that Marbury could’ve flourished if given a shot, but it was D’Antoni who refused to play him (well until the team traded everyone else away), so D’Antoni’s gotta take the hit for this shot, not Walsh. I never understood why D played Marbury during the pre-season only to just completely ice him once the real games began. It seemed to me like another example of D’antoni’s poor player communication skills, mixed in with his usual stubbornness.

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  • Chase Thomas

    It’s just really frustrating. Trading Marbury, Crawford, Randolph, etc for nothing but false hope this summer.

    I just hate we put all our eggs into one basket and if we fail this summer we’re screwed for a long time.

    I blame D’Antoni for player communication and Walsh for player analysis.

  • andre

    Are you really serious right now?? Getting rid of Marbury was a mistake?? I do believe that it wasn’t all his fault in screwing up the Knicks, but he played a very big part in the Knicks Downfall. This guy did not appreciate the chance to play in the Mecca. He acted like he was suppose to run things here. I believe Isiah gave him to much freedom, but he is a grown man that has to choose how he handles his power. when he was here, he played very selfishly, and was not a good teammate. why would he work out now?? because he is humbled by this situation? That is B.S. He never had respect for the Knick fans, so why have respect for him? He would help us out…this is true, but at what expense? And not for nothing, but this guy is just gonna come back and think that we need him. Then his head will be bigger than what it already is. Do we really need that stress. Do you not remember what we went through all those years with this guy as our PG? nothing went right at all. NOTHING!! He is a selfish and arrogant jerk that doesnt care about the fans. I just hope that we finally have a good year next season no matter who we pick up. Please do me a favor and never mention that jerk online again. I hope he does well over in China, but he is their headache now!!

  • Melvin

    This is a horrible article, anyone with a mustard seed for a brain would know Marbury is cancer to your team. Yeah Marbury and mcgrady are really gonna take you to the promised land. Develop young athletes like Bill Walker and Tony Douglass and let all the hasbeens on the team retire.

    I heard Antoine Walker is coming back.. Team him with Marbury, Mcgrady then add Iverson.. maybe talk T.O. into playing some bball.. Now thats a squad huh?

  • Chase Thomas

    I couldn’t disagree more, Melvin. Marbury was the least of our problems while he was in a Knick uniform, in fact he is the sole reason we even had a season that featured a playoff birth this past decade.

    The front office is to blame for the Knicks struggles this past decade, not Marbury. Overpaying for Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries, Jerome James, etc were cancers, not Marbury.

    And when did I ever imply a Marbury/McGrady backcourt would win anything? All I’ve said is Marbury’s services would be huge going into this summer and would a major need for the club. Douglas played solid for us down the stretch this season, but I just don’t think he’s the answer going forward along with Walker. Both are not building blocks for a franchise and not going to be major factors for the club going forward.

    And I’m not even going to feed the last paragraph any response.