Tonight is “Winning Time” on ESPN!

Move over James Cameron! The Pacers try to go for 3 Ds against Patrick Ewing in 1995. (source: ESPN's "30 On 30")

The 30 On 30 series will be premiering the Reggie Miller/Knicks documentary tonight at 9 (Eastern time) on ESPN.  If you miss it, it’ll be on ESPN2 a few hours later, and well, at all sorts of hours and channels forever afterward.  It looks pretty darn good, and for you young fans who’ve gotten used to seeing your Knicks always lose — don’t worry, the winning time refers to Indiana not New York. As they describe it on the film’s site:

Reggie Miller gave New York the finger. The whole city.

The 6’7″ wiry shooting guard of the Indiana Pacers tortured the Knicks. If he didn’t beat Riley, Ewing, Oakley and Starks with his quick release and unlimited range, he made them think he would. He took pleasure in letting the packed Madison Square Garden know it was his show and his game that they were watching during the 1994-1995 playoffs.

Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks, by award-winning filmmaker Dan Klores, will zero in on the dramatic seven game 1995 playoff series between Reggie’s Pacers and the Knicks. The series was front page news in the NYC tabloids, a war of words between the glib Miller and Knick fanatic Spike Lee, included appearances on Letterman, pronouncements by Giuliani, fistfights between teammates, near riots by Indiana fans, chokes, overtimes, finger rolls and bitterness not only between Hall of Fame coaches, Pat Riley and Larry Brown, but between the two most precious basketball cultures in America – Hoosier Land vs. “New Yawk”.

New Yawkers try to distract Reggie in the 1994 playoffs

Lastly, here’s another little video preview:

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  • Steve Jones

    Who cares about a rivalry in the 90′s where neither team won anything? Winning Time? should be called “Never won anything time” or “we still couldn’t win even when jordan was playing baseball”. This thing looks really lame and its only being made cause its new york why not make a show about the Rockets who actually did win during this time.

  • Short White Boy

    Steve, you’ve got a point. Actually, in the doc, the culmination is Indiana finally beating NY and it kinda ends all triumphant… until Reggie Miller’s face pops back up again and goes, “too bad it wasn’t the conference finals.” I felt they should’ve gone one step further and said how Indy got whupped by Shaq & The Orlando Magic and didn’t even end up making it to the Finals.
    Then again, if all that matters is whether a team ultimately wins a championship, that’s kind of a limiting perspective and should negate most fans from caring about their team. Like why bother reading a Knicks’ blog since we know they’re nowhere near winning it all? In fact, coming into the season, we kinda knew that only a few teams had a shot at winning it all (the Lakers, Magic, Cavs, and maybe the Celtics, Nuggets, Spurs, Mavs and Jazz), so why should anyone care?
    The Oklahoma Thunder have had a remarkable turnaround from winning like 22 games last year to possibly being a top 4 seed this year, but we all know there’s no way they’ll win it all this year, which by your theory means fans shouldn’t care about them.
    I think the idea behind the “30 on 30″ series was to tell some of the stories that haven’t gotten as much play. They aren’t having episodes about Jordan’s Bulls, Magic’s Lakers, Bird’s Celts, Isiah’s Pistons, Duncan’s Spurs, or Shaq & Kobe’s Lakers, ‘cuz all these multiple champ winners have had their stories told multiple times. Likewise, the ’94 & ’95 Rockets definitely deserve a higher place in sports’ history than either the Knicks or Pacers, and they do tend to get it. People view Olajuwon’s career as much more successful than Ewing’s, and certainly far more so than Reggie Miller.