Knicks Swap Useless Benchwarming White Men With Minnesota Timberwolves

In a move that doesn’t matter except to their mothers, the Knicks traded 15th man and lottery pick joke, Darko Milicic, for the Minnesota Timberwolves’ ineffective towel-waver, Brian Cardinal.  Why?  The Knicks save some money this year.  The Wolves’ get to see if maybe Darko has some potential and was just fooling all the other teams that he’s sucked for.

On a more interesting note, Nate Robinson is to sit out tonight’s game, implying that a trade for him could/should be finalized for him this evening.

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  • toasterhands

    Darko has already said he’s going overseas to resume his playing career next season

    • Short White Boy

      Yeah. I dunno why the Wolves did the deal, Toast. I mean I can see them wanting to see what it’d look like to have a “traditional” shot-blocking defensive-ish center play alongside either Al Jefferson or Kevin Love. But Darko won’t provide that even during his last few months left here in America.