Could Chris Paul be a Knick?

So I happened to be browsing the 2010 free agent pool today, and found that Paul’s contract does indeed expire after this season. Paul is owed 6 million this season, but after that it is an unknown.

And with all of this point guard drama this offseason could Paul be the dark horse free agent next season?

DAntonis system? Thumbs up.

D'Antoni's system? Thumbs up.

Paul is without a doubt the best PG in the game right now, and would flourish in D’Antoni’s system. The great thing about Paul is how hard he plays on a day to day basis and plays in New Orleans.

Now, let me explain. If Paul wants to get paid next summer, it won’t come from the Hornets. New Orleans just traded away Chandler for money issues and may not be able to afford Paul if he wants to get paid like he should next offseason.

Offering Paul a max contract would be hard to pass up and unless something changes, I don’t see Paul signing an extension with the Hornets for cheap. When you’re the best at your position in the NBA you should be paid like it, and the Knicks could.

Just a possibility, and something not about Nate, Lee, or even Rubio.

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  • mowgli

    yo! i definitely welcome chris paul to the knicks….that would be crazy. chris would flourish with dantoni’s system……lets see whats up with 2010….more importantly now!

  • Aditya

    Paul isn’t an FA till 2013

  • Chase Thomas

    Agreed on all counts. PG’s always have had the most success in D’Antoni’s systems. Just look at Marbury and Nash. Both had their best years under D’Antoni.

    I’d much rather have Paul and Bosh/Amare, rather then just LeBron.

  • trin

    You have to be a real fool to say something like that. The main thing in journalism is that you need to do thorough RESEARCH before writing your article and you have FAILED.
    CP3 signed an huge extension til the 2012/13 season

  • Chase Thomas

    Hoopsworld posted an article found here,

    On July 11, 2009. Paul signed an extension last summer. I’m not disputing that. It says he can still opt out after this season. And 3 year extension is huge now?

  • melg

    if the hornets do not do well this season then chris paul will opt out… and i agree with you chase i would rather have paul and amare than lebron.. because 1 man cannot do it all….