Interesting twist for the future of the Knicks

So I happened to be reading Newsday this morning, and most specifically the Knicks blog on there and came across and interesting article from Alan Hahn.



Very enjoyable read and really hit the nail on the head in that we’re investing too much hope into next summer and not built even close to a solid enough team to lure LeBron.

We have been turned down by Jason Kidd and Grant Hill already this summer and it appears Andre Miller will sign elsewhere, but Sessions is on our radar which is great if the Bucks go the cheap route and create more cap for next summer.

Here is where things get tricky though. If next summer doesn’t go as planned and we don’t land two big time players where does this team turn?

The draft? Walsh has already done a poor job with that.

Sign and Trade? Who is out there that’d want to play with our current roster? And who wants anything currently on our roster other then Lee?

Where are the options that Walsh has falsely lead us on to believe? Why does he have so much faith in next summer? Well, Walsh has either gone senile or just hopes his hype will sell tickets for the time being.

I tend to side with the senile adjective when describing Walsh and really regret adding him to the staff.

Jordan Hill and Tony Douglass were both dreadful this summer and showed lots of inabilities on the court that I and most already had predicted.

And when is Gallinari ever getting on the court again or is that now a lost cause as well? I’ve read good reports on his rehabilitation, but for the time being until he gets on the court and proves himself he was still a bad choice and poor fit for this team if indeed God gives pity on this franchise and sends us LeBron.

Phew. Minny rant now over on the subject on Walsh, so lets turn to something more pleasant like the thought of adding Melo or Kevin Durant in 2011.

I’m curious as to whether or not Walsh is looking past 2010 and realizing there is still lots of quality talent on the market the following summer as well.

Personally, I just want this team to become watchable again and if this team’s summer league performance is any indication it’s going to be a very long season.

  • roland737

    whoa, relax… come away from the ledge, brother. Why so down on Walsh? He’s accomplished more to make the team competitive and financially sound than anyone thought possible a year ago, right? Even if they don’t land Lebron or Wade in 2010, they are likely to sign at least one of the other top free agents next summer–and I also can’t understand how you aren’t excited about this coming season, with a year under D’Antoni under their belts and a solid core of young talent(yes, DLee will still be a Knick), the team will probably be better than people think–especially if Gallanari is healthy and Curry can play to his potential. Speaking of Gallinari–why do you suspect he is a bust? When he was on the court last season he did nothing but impress. As long as he’s healthy, I think he will play well. Lastly, don’t take the summer league as an indication of whats to come, because that is obviously not the team we will see on the court during the regular season.

  • chasethomas

    I’m down on Walsh because of how bad he is at addressing young talent and has not put nearly a good enough core to lure LeBron or Wade. The only top free agent that has the possibility to sign next summer is either Amare or maybe Bosh.

    And did I seriously just read we have a solid young core? And if Lee is a Knick we’ll be overpaying. This team will be lucky to when 30 games.

    The only thing I take from summer league is addressing our young talent, and they are all average or below. Drafting Hill was drafting a cross between Chris Wilcox and Tony Battie. That’s not who you use on your 8th pick and passing on Jennings was beyond stupid just like passing on Eric Gordon last year.

    I’d also be fine with Galo if he didn’t play the same position as LeBron and Wilson Chandler. This team still has yet to sign anyone of worth in free agency and if the Knicks can’t lure Grant Hill what makes you think we’ll land the likes of LeBron or Wade next summer?

    I really don’t like how everything has been handled these last two years other then the contract dumps Walsh was able to pull off last year.