David Lee Saga almost over and Knicks call Bucks?

According to new reports Lee is either go to take Portlands offer or the Knicks 5 year deal later next week.

If Lee does indeed resign he’ll sign for less then what he wanted this offseason but that’s how it goes in today’s economy and Lee needs to take it.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind Lee takes the Knicks offer, unless his agent ruins this deal and gets Lee to take more money from Portland to come off the bench.

Lee is guaranteed a starting role here, why leave it to go to a team and play a maximum of 20 minutes every night?

Hes bacckkkk?

He's bacckkkk?

And some more good news! When I woke up today I didn’t think there’d many updates to this dreadful offseason..I was wrong!

Gery Woelfel’s twitter is reporting that the Knicks are going to offer Ramon Sessions the MLE contract.

What a huge upgrade over Andre Miller this would be. I’d love to see a Sessions/Duhon rotation at the point and if we could somehow pull of Sessions long term this team is right back in the thick of things if Chandler/Gallinari work out.

Perhaps there is hope for this team?

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  • goknickerbockers

    where in gods name did you get the idea that david lee is guaranteed to start? we have a logjam of big men .the first year,lee will prolly start but since we got darko and hill he wont get as many minutes as last year,and and as soon as jordan hill becomes as good as they the knicks say,LEE IS ON THE BENCH

  • chasethomas

    David Lee has been the most consistent big man on this roster ever since he’s been here.

    He will not get put on the bench for anyone we currently have in the frontcourt for one big reason, he’s better. Darko will get very limited minutes if any this season and was only traded to NY to get rid of Q-Rich’s contract.

    Lee is a double/double machine and Jordan Hill has struggled this summer. He’s still a long ways from starting and don’t have high hopes for him.

    Why do you hate Lee so much?

  • goknickerbockers

    first of all dont ever tell me who i hate just because you dont agree with me!i dont hate david lee,but he still isnt guaranteed to start ANYWHERE!Last year we had no center so dlee started at center.this year we have 2 centers(eddy curry and darko)our power fowards are al harrington,jordan hill,jarred jeffries and sometimes gallo.the days of david lee getting a double-double every game are over.this is fact,but it doesnt mean i hate him.he is a high energy plaer who works his a@@ offbut as the knicks get better ,the chances of lee starting ,get smaller.ex.say the knicks sign CARLOS BOOZER,he cuts into DAVID LEES time therefore david lee cannott get double doubles and also he will not start anymore.in one year say jordan hill turns out to be chris bosh,lee doesnt start anymore.listen man this doesnt mean i hate dlee,its just reality!SNAP OUT OF IT I BET YOU ARE UNDER 21 YEARS OLD